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Raphina from Sing Street

Raphina is an aspiring model approached by Conor Lalor to star in a music video for his band. She’s a fashionista with a cool outer appearance. Inside, she fights with the uncertainty of her life. Raphina, played by Lucy Boynton, learns more about the band members while chasing after her dream of being a London model in Sing Street.

Komari from Non Non Biyori Repeat

Komari Koshigaya wants to be recognized as a mature person. She is a smart girl, but doesn’t like that some of the younger girls look older than her. However, Komari still takes care of the younger girls around her in their countryside. Komari spends time with her little sister Natsumi, and her friends, Hotaru and Renge, in Non Non Biyori Repeat.

Sandy from Nightlights

Sandy catches little stars every night to make creatures to play with. She does this to help herself fall asleep. Sandy keeps the memory of her fun creatures as sketches she draws herself. One day, a new girl in school, Morfie, takes an interest in Sandy’s drawings. It’s nice to have a new friend, but something is off about Morfie. Sandy and her art start to see an unusual side of Morfie in Lorena Alvarez’s graphic novel Nightlights.

Peter from Mary and The Witch’s Flower

Peter is the delivery boy of the village. His kindness is paired with his need to have a good laugh. The only other kid his age around, Mary, makes him laugh with her clumsiness. Together, the two end up on an unforgettable journey in Mary and the Witch’s Flower.

Minette from The Tea Dragon Society

Minette works as a ward at Hesekiel and Erik’s shop. She helps the duo take care of Tea Dragons. She is shy, but becomes friends with the new apprentice, Greta. Minette warms up to Greta in the Tea Dragon Society.

Greta from The Tea Dragon Society

Greta found a lost tea dragon, and discovered that there is a whole world of tea dragons. She becomes an apprentice for the lost art of tea dragon care-taking under the guidance of Hesekiel and Erik. Greta befriends their ward, Minette, and learns more about tea dragons in the Tea Dragon Society.

Mary from Mary and The Witch’s Flower

Mary Smith is a bold yet clumsy girl. She has a witty appeal. Mary uses curiosity as her compass, but soon find herself on a quest. She teams up with the only kid her age in the Village, Peter, on an epic journey in Mary and the Witch’s Flower.

Fairy Lucinda from Ella Enchanted

Lucinda is a stylish, spunky fairy played by Vivica A. Fox. Lucinda is not the most popular fairy in the land. She’s known in Ella Enchanted for bestowing the worst gifts. Her lacking gift choices are rooted in good nature, but not thought through. That’s how poor Ella was given the gift of obedience.

Jasmine “Jazz” Fenton from Danny Phantom

Jazz is a social butterfly who has pride in her intelligence. She doesn’t view her family’s interest in ghost positively until she discovers her brother, Danny, transforming into his ghost form. From then, Jazz continues to be the protective, supportive sister she is with an extra task of covering for her brother in Danny Phantom.

Lewis from Meet the Robinsons

Lewis Robinson is a brainiac and filled with wonder in Meet the Robinsons. He is an orphan longing for a family, and ends up traveling to the future with A boy named Wilbur to meet Wilbur’s incredibly lively family. Lewis goes on a journey of understanding family, friendships, and how our choices change the world around us.