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Zoey from Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

Zoey Clarke (Jane Levy) is a coder, and works for a tech firm in San Francisco. After a strange event with an MRI, Zoey gains the ability to hear people’s most inner thoughts as popular songs. She’s creeped out at first, as probably anyone would be, but starts to see the positives to her gift to connect with the world. She’s surrounded by music in Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist.

Kai from The Hollow

Kai entered a virtual world competition; finding himself paired with Adam and Mira. Being nerdy and smart gives Kai an advantage, but he’s not very athletic. He sometimes tries to be athletic to prove his worth on the team only to fail. Kai eventually finds what makes him special to his team. He learns how he can help the trio in The Hollow.

Skeet from The Hollow

Skeet joined the virtual reality competition to be teamed up with Vanessa and Reeve. Overall, Skeet is chilled and laid back, letting his teammates take charge. He has his moments were he’ll express his opinion, but he usually goes with the flow. Skeet’s special ability is speed, and he uses his talent to his advantage against Kai’s team in The Hollow.

Miguel from Maya and Miguel

Miguel from Maya and Miguel

Miguel Santos is an athletic kid who likes to help the people around him. He tends to be more logical than his sister Maya, which is one reason why Maya comes to Miguel for help with her schemes. He ends up helping Maya since they are brother and sister, and best friends as well. Miguel is following his sister’s antics in Maya and Miguel.

Jin from Abominable

Jin (voiced by Tenzing Norgay Trainor) is a popular guy who is more interested in his hair and looks than what’s happening around him. It makes sense that he has such a neat, clean cut appearance. He is Peng’s cousin, and a friend of Yi. Jin ends up on a journey with Yi and Peng to help a lost yeti get home in Abominable.

Maya from Maya and Miguel

Maya Santos is lively and nurturing, but sometimes cares too much. Since she cares, she tends to meddle in other people’s problems believing she can help everyone. She usually includes her twin, Miguel, in her schemes to make things better as they are brother and sister, and best friends as well. Maya comes up with ideas for everyone’s problems regularly in Maya and Miguel.

Dorie from Magical DoReMi

Dorie Goodwyn (Doremi Harukaze) is an energetic magic enthusiast. She also thinks she is the unlikeliest girl in the world. Dorie is not the best student, but it’s a different story when it comes to magic. Dorie, along with her friends Reanne and Mirabelle, are practicing to become the greatest witches ever in Magical DoReMi (Ojamajo Doremi).

John Reese from Person of Interest

John Reese (played by Jim Caviezel) focuses on stopping every bad guy he can. He was heavily involved with the US Army Special forces and also a special division under the CIA.  John works with Harold Finch to disrupt future crimes using technology known as the Machine. Harold stays true to his duties in Person of Interest.

Prince Charmont from Ella Enchanted

Prince Charmont (played by Hugh Dancy) is a charming prince not used to women not swooning over him as Ella of Frell did. He is the only son of the deceased King, and next in line for the throne. Prince Charmont doesn’t want to be a king. Unfortunately for him, being king is not exactly a fate he can runaway from. He coincidentally encounters Ella often while they both tackle their own problems in Ella Enchanted.

Janice from Dispatches From Elsewhere

Janice Foster (played by Sally Field) is settling down in her life with her kids out of the house, and her husband in hospice. However, she starts to feel that it’s not quite the time to settle. Janice embarks on adventure to answer her deepest questions about life and about herself in Dispatches From Elsewhere.