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Nagito Komaeda from Danganronpa

Nagito Komaeda (voiced by Megumi Ogata and Bryce Papenbrook) is one of the students in class 77-B at Hope’s Peak Academy in the Danganronpa anime series.  Nagito is a sickly-looking boy with pale skin and faded pink-ish hair.  His original costuming includes an army green jacket, black jeans, and tan boots, while his appearance in Danganronpa 3 includes a brown suit, tie, and red and green vest.  Finding a vest in the right colors might be difficult, so focus on the deep-V design in order to emulate the silhouette and get as close to the original as possible.

Joe from The Old Guard

Once known as Yusuf Al-Kaysani, a Muslim warrior from the time of the Crusades, Joe (played by Marwan Kenzari) is now an immortal soldier in Netflix’s The Old Guard.  Joe has fought beside Andy, Booker, and his lover Nicky for centuries, and he welcomes their newest member Nile alongside his comrades.

nico yazawa from long live

Nico Yazawa from Love Live!

Nico Yazawa (voiced by Sora Tokui and Erica Mendez) is one of the nine main characters of the anime series Love Live!  Nico is upbeat and cheerful, though this aspect of her personality does not detract from the fact that she is also often abrasive and self-centered.  Nico loves fashion and was the previous president of the Idol Research Club.  Nico’s costume consists of a blue plaid skirt, pink cardigan, and blue blazer with gold buttons.

yuno from black clover

Yuno from Black Clover

Yuno (voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki and Micah Solusod) is an orphan raised at the Hage church alongside his foster brother Asta in the anime series Black Clover.  Yuno is proficient in his use of the magic arts and eventually receives a four-leaf clover grimoire to aid him in his quest to become the Magic Emperor.  Yuno wears a black tunic and short pants with boots, as well as a pendant that he was wearing when he was left at the church as a baby.  You will need two belts to wear crossed around your hips to finish his look, and you can also add the cape he wears after becoming a Magic Knight if you wish.

crimson bolt from super

Crimson Bolt from Super

In the movie Super, Rainn Wilson plays the role of Frank Darbo, a kind but awkward man who creates the vigilante alter-ego Crimson Bolt in the aftermath of his wife’s death.  The Crimson Bolt dons a homemade red suit with a hand-printed sigil.  If you are feeling particularly crafty, you could make your Crimson Bolt shirt by hand as well with a red long sleeve tee and some yellow fabric paint.  Otherwise, grab your ready-made shirt and layer as much padding as you can over your uniform, using red spray paint liberally when necessary to achieve the fully-crimson appearance of Frank’s superhero personality.

paul from her

Paul from Her

Paul (played by Chris Pratt) is a co-worker and friend of Theodore in the Spike Jonze film Her.  Like Theodore, Paul works at “Beautiful Handwritten Letters,” and he admires Theodore’s ability to write from many different perspectives and capture a wide range of voices.  Paul often sports striped polo shirts and he has a well-groomed mustache.

penny from papa louie

Penny from Papa Louie

Penny is an employee at Papa’s Freezeria in the mobile game Papa Louie.  She first appears in When Pizza Attacks!  Penny’s outfit is purple and white, with a purple flower hairclip and a white tunic with purple flowers along the bottom hem.  To recreate her look, you can simply look for a tank top with similar color scheme, or make your own by using a white flowy tank top and adding your own flowers to it.

Present Mic from My Hero Academia

Present Mic from My Hero Academia

Present Mic (real name Hizashi Yamada) is the Voice Hero with a quirk that allows him to amplify the volume of his voice to devastating levels.  Present Mic is a teacher at U.A. High School, where he leads the English class for students like Izuku Midoriya and his classmates.  Present Mic is also a childhood friend of Shoto Aizawa, who is the homeroom teacher for Class 1A.  Present Mic’s outfit includes a lot of black leather with red and yellow highlights.  His most noticeable feature is his tall blond hair.

alma beers del mar from brokeback mountain

Alma Beers Del Mar from Brokeback Mountain

Alma Beers Del Mar (played by Michelle Williams) is the wife of Ennis in the film Brokeback Mountain.  Though initially very happy despite their financial struggles, Alma eventually discovers Ennis’ affair with Jack and subsequently divorces him and take custody of their two daughters before remarrying.  Alma often wears casual dresses layered with tights and a sweater.

nicky from the old guard

Nicky from The Old Guard

During the Crusades, Niccolò di Genova fought for Italy.  Now an immortal soldier, Nicky (played by Luca Marinelli) protects humanity alongside Andy, Booker, Nile, and Joe in the Netflix film The Old Guard.  Nicky and Joe began fighting on opposing sides, before falling in love after realizing their shared immortality and purpose.