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Jason White from South Park

Jason White (voiced by Trey Parker) is an elementary school student in the animated series South Park.  He is part of the main quartet’s extended friend group and a member of Craig‘s Gang.  Jason was voted the fifth cutest boy in the episode “The List.”  Jason wears black shoes, light blue pants, and a purple jacket with a contrasting collar.  His hair is brown and long, with a high hairline and sideburns.  A wig based on Jack‘s hair in The Shining is a close match.

Myron from Wayside

Myron (voiced by Martin Villafana) is a character in the Wayside cartoon movie and TV series.  Friends and classmates with Todd, Dana, and Maurecia, Myron is also the one-time class president of Mrs. Jewls‘ class.  He is a little self-absorbed and can come across as rude as a result.  Myron wears small round glasses and his outfit is comprised of several different shades of green.  His clothing consists of light green shorts with a black belt, and a pale green collared shirt under a green sweater.  Lastly, he wears white socks and olive green and white sneakers.

cleveland brown from family guy

Cleveland Brown from Family Guy

Cleveland Brown (voiced most recently by Arif Zahir) is a character in the animated series Family Guy.  He also starred in his own spin-off series The Cleveland Show before it was canceled.  Cleveland lives on Spooner Street with Peter Griffin, Joe Swanson, and Glenn Quagmire.  He has a distinctively slow drawl and is a postal worker.  Though Cleveland occasionally dons different outfits, his primary costume on the show consists of a yellow t-shirt, blue jeans, and brown shoes.  His most important accessory is his mustache.

Shauna from South Park

Shauna from South Park

Shauna (voiced by Mona Marshall) is a minor character in the adult animated series South Park.  She is a student at South Park Elementary alongside Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Eric.  She goes on a date with Jimmy Valmer that ends with her throwing her drink in his face.  Shauna has long ginger hair which she clips on each side with small mint green bows.  She wears a black skirt and black flats.  Her blouse is purple and white with short sleeves and ruffles, so choose a shirt in a similar shade with ruffle details.

bernard mettle from ok ko let's be heroes

Bernard Mettle from OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes

Bernard Mettle (voiced by Dave Fennoy) is a purple werewolf from the Cartoon Network series OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes.  He is the husband of Wilhamena, and the father of Enid, Icky, and Boris.  To create your costume, you must first decide whether you wish to recreate Bernard’s werewolf or human form.  If you choose to be human, you’ll need blue pants, a black belt, and temporary purple hair color.  For his werewolf form, you can choose a wolf costume or purple animal accessories and then wear a pair of blue shorts, a black belt, and a green plaid shirt.  No matter which you decide, don’t be afraid to use a pair of scissors to achieve Bernard’s tattered appearance from the show.

bobby santiago from the casagrandes

Bobby Santiago from The Casagrandes

Bobby Santiago (voiced by Carlos PenaVega) is Ronnie Anne‘s older brother in The Casagrandes.  Bobby and Ronnie Anne began as supporting characters in the Nickelodeon series The Loud House before taking on main roles in the spin-off.  Bobby is relaxed, easy-going, and protective of his younger sister.  Bobby has dark hair and a few wisps of hair on his chin.  His outfit consists of brown sneakers, blue jeans, and a cream-colored t-shirt under a green plaid button-down left unbuttoned.  He also wears a black belt with a gold buckle.

Laterose of Noonvale from Redwall

Laterose of Noonvale from Redwall

Laterose of Noonvale (voiced by Lindsey Connell in the TV series) is a character from the book series by Brian Jacques and the television adaptation Redwall.  Rose is from a peaceful valley. She is the sister of Brome and the protagonist Martin the Warrior’s love interest.  Rose is a mouse and wears long robes.  To build your costume you can layer robes over a onesie or choose a half-face mask instead.  Accessorize with a red neckerchief, brown belt and pouch, and a rose pin.

missy kix from moshi monsters

Missy Kix from Moshi Monsters

Missy Kix is a character from the online role-playing game Moshi Monsters.  A celebrity from Moshimo City, Missy Kix also claims to be a secret agent.  She has light pink skin and darker pink hair she wears in a ponytail with yellow highlights at the front of her side swept bangs.  To create your Missy Kix costume, you’ll need striped leggings and a striped long-sleeved shirt in blue, red, and black.  Layer a black skirt and purple t-shirt with a pirate cat design over those, and then wear a black short-sleeved shirt unbuttoned.  Accessorize your look with chunky pink socks, a bright pink wig, black fingerless gloves, and pale pink sunglasses.  Lastly, make sure to grab a pair of red and white sneakers.

matthias from redwall

Matthias from Redwall

Matthias (voiced by Tyrone Savage in the TV series) is a character from the Redwall series of books written by Brian Jacques and adapted for television.  Matthias is an orphan and an eventual successor of Martin the Warrior.  Matthias is a brown mouse who favors shades of green and brown in his clothing.  You can create his look in one of two ways.  First, you can choose a brown animal onesie and wear a green long-sleeved and brown tunic over that.  You’ll also need a satchel and sword for this option.  You can also choose to wear a set of green robes with a half-face mask.  For this look, you’ll need a long wooden staff.

marty from toonmarty

Marty from ToonMarty

Marty (voiced by Brian Froud) is the main protagonist of the Canadian cartoon ToonMarty. He is the mascot for ToonMart who comes to life after his billboard is struck by lightning.  He explores Toonville with his best friend Burnie and a robot named Holly.  Marty has a crush on Suki.  Marty has brown hair and freckles.  He wears a bright green polo shirt, black pants, and black shoes, and wears a coral-red baseball cap.

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