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Dabi from My Hero Academia

Dabi (voiced by Hiro Shimono and Jason Liebrecht) is a member of the League of Villains in the anime and manga series My Hero Academia.  Dabi’s Quirk allows him to wield blue flames.  His intense dislike for Pro Heroes and tendency toward destruction make him a powerful foe.  There are plenty of Dabi costume sets available for purchase if you’re looking for an easy way to recreate his look.  Depending on which point in the story you prefer, you may need to add either a white or black wig and boots.  You can also DIY his costume with a black frock coat, scoop neck t-shirt, black pants, and a silver belt.  For the burnt remnants of his skin, use purple body paint to cover large portions of your face, neck, and arms.  Then use a black body crayon to create the illusion of folds and wrinkles.  Lastly, use a small brush and metallic silver body paint to add the staples.

R.M. Renfield from Renfield

R.M. Renfield (played by Nicholas Hoult) is the displeased associate of Count Dracula in the horror comedy Renfield.  Doomed to a life of servitude to the undead Count, Renfield has had enough and seeks to leave the vampire’s service.  Renfield wears a number of outfits throughout the film, including a dark green suit and a snazzy mauve sweater that eventually ends up spattered in blood.  Unfortunately, the vintage Ralph Lauren colorblock sweater he wears to his support group will set you back a couple of hundred dollars secondhand, so don’t be afraid to find a similar multicolored piece in muted tones.

professor sada from pokemon scarlet

Professor Sada from Pokémon Scarlet

Professor Sada is a character from the video game Pokémon Scarlet.  Alongside her husband Professor Turo, she serves as a main antagonist of the game.  She is the primary professor at Naranja Academy.  Professor Sada wears a fur-trimmed lab coat over a pair of orange shorts and a matching cropped tank top.  She also dons a pair of orange leg warmers and brown sandals.  To DIY her fringed attire, take a pair of scissors to an orange tank and shorts.  An orange necklace with a shark’s tooth or a multi-tooth necklace without orange may suit your needs, depending on your preference.  Likewise, Professor Sada’s belt can be achieved with two different waist chains, one in orange and one with dangling shells.  To cap off her accessories, add some orange to your hair and nails, as well as a bangle bracelet.  If you have a hot glue gun, you can add light pink fur to the collar of her coat.  Otherwise, some clever tucking of a faux fur scarf can achieve a similar look.

diane foxington goodness gala dress from the bad guys

Diane Foxington’s Goodness Gala Dress from The Bad Guys

Diane Foxington (voiced by Zazie Beetz) is the Governor of California in the animated feature film The Bad Guys.  While Governor Foxington typically dons a suit while at work, there are a few occasions in the film when she gets to dress up, including when she attends the Goodness Gala where she dances with Mr. Wolf.  At the Gala, Governor Foxington wears a blue pantsuit/skirt combination, silver heels, and glittering jewelry.  When recreating the look, you can decide whether you’d like to also wear an orange bodysuit underneath to emulate her orange fox fur.  Likewise, you may decide just a headband with ears is enough to get your vulpine intentions across.  Otherwise, a mask for your face can be used instead.

lady jessica from dune

Lady Jessica from Dune

Lady Jessica (played by Rebecca Ferguson) is the mother of Paul Atreides in Dune.  Lady Jessica and her son must flee their home and try to survive by seeking refuge with the Fremen of Arrakis.  Lady Jessica wears a plethora of luxurious clothing suiting her status as the wife of a Duke.  One of her most memorable costumes is a gold ensemble complete with a long train and body chains.  To recreate her appearance, don a gold face chain and layer a rhinestone mesh long-sleeve shirt under a dress, with a gold bib necklace over top.  A sheer gold scar will complete the look.  Some of Lady Jessica’s other costumes include an elegant red gown paired with a simple gold finger chain, and her dark cloak worn when interacting with others in the Bene Gesserit sect of which she is a part.

death from puss in boots the last wish

Death from Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

Death (voiced by Wagner Moura) is the main antagonist of the Dreamworks feature film Puss in Boots: The Last Wish.  Also known as the Wolf, Death is intent on killing Puss as punishment for wasting so many of his nine lives.  Death appears as a white wolf in a black cloak with a sickle in each hand.  To recreate his appearance from the film, you can choose either an easier-to-wear half-mask or a bulkier full-headed mask that looks closer to the original.  Pair your mask with furry gloves and slippers, and a black bodysuit as your base.  Then, throw a hooded cloak over top.  Don’t forget you’ll want two sickles to complete the look.

junker queen from overwatch

Junker Queen from Overwatch

The Junker Queen (voiced by Leah De Niese) is a tank hero in the Overwatch game series.  She is a brawler who thrives in close combat situations.  The Junker Queen has a striking look, with a blue mohawk and a costume designed to show off her muscular physique.  To recreate her look, you won’t want to be to attached to any of the clothing used, as some of it may need to be tattered or altered to suit her style.  Start with a black sports bra and cut-off shorts. You’ll want to shred a graphic print top with a skull on it to be as itty bitty as possible, as well as cut one leg off a pair of leggings while tearing holes in the side you do where.  Then, you can add the red glove and epaulets to your left arm before adorning your shoulder armor.  A studded gladiator skirt, red sash, and thigh-high boots will help pull the look together, and if you’re looking to add some studs to the boots or other parts of your costume, a rivet set can help you customize your pieces.

JD from Heathers

JD from Heathers

Jason Dean, better known as “JD” (played by Christian Slater), is the teen with a sadistic side in the 80s dark comedy Heathers.  New to town, JD and Veronica quickly turn their high school upside down in their quest to exact revenge against the most popular students.  JD’s look embodies the outsider aesthetic.  He is portrayed wearing a long trench coat, black motorcycle boots, and a silver hoop earring no matter what the rest of his costume entails.  Though he wears several outfits during the course of the film, JD’s triumphant end comes in black jeans and a black-and-white graphic tee.  Tracking down a replica isn’t easy, so don’t be afraid to go for a plain black tee instead.  Strap your dynamite on and bandage up your left hand, and don’t be shy about the blood.

sam from the last of us

Sam from The Last of Us (HBO)

Sam (played by Keivonn Woodard) is the deaf younger brother of Henry in the HBO series The Last of Us.  When Henry and Sam are hunted by Kathleen, the two make a plan with Joel and Ellie to leave Kansas City and travel with the pair to Wyoming.  Sam is deaf, and he communicates via American Sign Language with his older brother, and also through the use of a magnetic notepad.  He wears a yellow hoodie under a blue jacket and has orange face paint that looks like a superhero mask on his face, courtesy of Henry.  If you can’t find a jacket that’s quilted exactly like Sam’s, a plain puffer jacket will do.

austin moon from austin & ally

Austin Moon from Austin & Ally

Austin Moon (played by Ross Lynch) is one of the main characters of the Disney Channel series Austin & Ally.  He is a confident performer who clashes with shy Ally Dawson before the two eventually hit it off and fall in love.  Austin’s style is clean-cut with some alternative influence.  You can’t go wrong with some comfortable dark jeans and a colored plaid or button-down shirt.  Don’t forget your wallet chain and bright blonde wig to complete the look.