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Nerd from Robot Chicken

The Nerd (voiced by Seth Green) is one of the main characters in the Cartoon Network stop motion series Robot Chicken. He loves movies, video games, television, books, and other nerdy things.  The Nerd’s appearance consists of a yellow button down shirt, black tie, white leg pants rolled at the cuff, and black shoes.  He wears his hair parted off center and slicked down and dons a pair of glasses.

The Winter King from Adventure Time

The Winter King (voiced by Brian David Gilbert) is the ruler of the Winter Kingdom in Adventure Time.  The Winter King presents himself as kind and genuine, however, this turns out to be just a way for him to hide his true personality from others.  He transfers the negative effects of the crown to Princess Bubblegum.  The Winter King has light blue skin and white hair.  He wears a gold crown, oval glasses, and carries a sword.  His clothes include a white button down, skinny black tie, and a blue suit with a checkered waistcoat.  He always wears tall blue boots.

maurecia from wayside

Maurecia from Wayside

Maurecia (voiced by Denise Oliver) is a character from the animated movie and TV series Wayside.  She is a student in Mrs. Jewls‘ class, is friends with Myron and Dana, and has a huge crush on Todd.  Maurecia is a bit of a tomboy and prefers rollerblading as her primary mode of transportation.  Maurecia has long indigo hair she often wears in a ponytail beneath her pink helmet with purple flames.  Her clothing consists of a fuchsia shirt and a blue pleated skirt.  A pair of pink high-top sneakers will do the trick if you aren’t ready to commit to blading everywhere.  Add purple flame decals to your helmet to put the finishing touches on your costume.

maria santiago from the casagrandes

Maria Santiago from The Casagrandes

Maria Santiago (voiced by Sumalee Montano) is a character from the animated series The Casagrandes.  Maria is the divorced mother of the Santiago children, including Ronnie Anne and Bobby.  She is also a nurse.  Maria has dark hair that she wears in a low bun and her work uniform includes light blue scrubs, a white long sleeved shirt, and whtie shoes.

toriel from undertale

Toriel from Undertale

Toriel is the second creature the protagonist meets in the pixelated game Undertale.  She meets them in Flowey and is the caretaker of the Ruins.  She is also the mother of Asriel.  Toriel is a goat-like creature with white fur, long ears, and horns.  She wears a long, flowing purple dress with white sleeves.  To create your costume, you’ll need white fuzzy shoes and a headband with horns and long animal ears.  You can find replica costumes for Toriel, but they can be expensive.  If you’d rather choose a dress that’s similar even if it isn’t an exact match, you may also want to use a white bandana to cover your hair.

faith mitchell from will trent

Faith Mitchell from Will Trent

Faith Mitchell (played by Iantha Richardson) is a main character in the TV series Will Trent, based on the Karin Slaughter book series of the same name.  Faith is paired with GBI agent Will Trent, who once investigated her mother and forced her into retirement.  She also has a very close relationship with GBI Deputy Director Amanda Wagner.  Faith is a smart and determined investigator with an excellent sense of style that often relies on unique shoes and sweater vests. There are lots of looks from the show to choose from, including a red and white striped button down with a white and black vest, or a color block vest and grey blazer with retro sneakers.

saint brigid from irish wish

Saint Brigid from Irish Wish

Saint Brigid (played by Dawn Bradfield) is the wish-granting fairy who transforms Maddie Kelly‘s life in the Netflix romcom Irish Wish.  The character is loosely based on one of the three national saints of Ireland.  In the film, Saint Brigid wears a green and maroon outfit with her hair wrapped in a silk scarf.  A green kurta will provide a similar silhouette and you can add details with maroon fabric paint.  Finish your look with a floral scarf and maroon flats.

poppy starfield from despicable me 4

Poppy Starfield from Despicable Me 4

Poppy Starfield (voiced by Joey King) is a supporting character in Despicable Me 4.  An aspiring supervillain and fan of Gru‘s work, Poppy finds herself able to team up with her idol after they become neighbors.  Poppy has long, wild, red hair which she wears loose under an aviator cap with goggles.  Her outfit comprises a black and pink top and skirt over bike shorts.  She also wears a white belt, white fingerless gloves, and bright pink high tops.  If you can’t find an exact match for her jacket, look for one with similar colors and a full zip front.

dana from wayside

Dana from Wayside

Yodana (voiced by Lisa Ng), more commonly referred to as Dana, is a character in the Wayside cartoon movie and TV series.  Dana is a strict rule follower, easily excitable, and a diligent student who wants the approval of her teacher Mrs. Jewls.  She is friends with Todd, Myron, and Maurecia.  Dana has purple hair parted in the middle and wears round-frame glasses.  She wears green and white sneakers with tall white socks and tan cargo shorts.  Her shirt is green striped and may be difficult to find an exact match for, so look for shirts with horizontal stripes in shades of green whose sleeves you can wear above your elbow.

jason white from south park

Jason White from South Park

Jason White (voiced by Trey Parker) is an elementary school student in the animated series South Park.  He is part of the main quartet’s extended friend group and a member of Craig‘s Gang.  Jason was voted the fifth cutest boy in the episode “The List.”  Jason wears black shoes, light blue pants, and a purple jacket with a contrasting collar.  His hair is brown and long, with a high hairline and sideburns.  A wig based on Jack‘s hair in The Shining is a close match.

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