Blake Belladonna (Formal Dress) from RWBY

Blake Belladonna (Formal Dress) from RWBY

Blake (voiced in English by Aaryn Zech and in Japanese by  Yū Shimamura) is one of the main title characters of the animated series RWBY.

This is the formal dress outfit that she wears in the episode 'Dance Dance Infiltration' in Volume 2.

Blake has very long black hair (at this point) that she wears a hairbow headband over (in certain shots it's black, in others it's this tealy-green? So personal choice on that one), and she has golden eyes. For her formal outfit, she wears a deep purple dress with a slit up the side, a mesh top, black wristbands, and black pumps.

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  1. For clarification about the bow: the shots you see it as teal are without texture mapping and lower polygon count, meaning a final render pass was made before the “final” model was placed in the scene. In this same arc (the next episode, actually), we see the same thing with Cinder’s mask: sometimes she has it on, and other scenes it just disappears. This was fixed later and rereleased, but Blake’s bow wasn’t.

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