David from The Lost Boys

David from The Lost Boys

David (played by Kiefer Sutherland) is the leader of the vampire gang menacing Santa Cruz, California in the '80s vampire hit The Lost Boys. At least, that's what it looks like at first. But there is always someone bigger and badder out there. Even if you're an undead gang leader who sleeps all day and parties all night.

You might not gain David's immortality but you can definitely copy his style. One of the most iconic - and unfortunate by modern standards - pieces of David's look is his bleach blonde mullet. A wig will give you the same style or you can bleach your hair and style it however you want. The rest of the outfit will make it clear who you're cosplaying!

The next thing you'll need is a costume goatee. You may have to lighten it with makeup. Or, if you prefer, you can create a goatee using this tutorial and makeup. You will also need a pair of vampire fangs and a few fake earrings.

The rest of David's look comes down to clothes. David is a classic '80s tough guy in a whole lot of black leather. His gloves, motorcycle boots, and pants are all black leather. He does wear a black cotton shirt and black wool pea coat. But between the pea coat and his shirt is something with a leather collar that he layers over the collar of his coat. It is most likely a motorcycle vest left open to reveal the shirt underneath.

At this point you've got a great David cosplay. But you can go one step beyond by making the wine bottle used in the vampire ritual too! All you need is  a wine bottle, some copper-colored clay, fake rubies, and a glue gun. Form the clay pieces according to a screenshot of the bottle (don't forget to bend them to fit the bottle too!). Press in the rubies to create indents for them, then then pull them out and create place fillers out of tin foil. Bake the clay according to direction When they're done, use the glue gun to apply the rubies and then glue the clay to the outside of the bottle. Voila! You have yourself your own spoofy vampire ritual bottle!

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