Fresh Sans

Fresh Sans

In the Undertale AU, Fresh!Sans is a Sans variant that dresses in epic 80s multi-color clothes. Fresh is actually a parasitic monster that has taken control of Sans, causing him to lack emotion and be unable to love. If you're going with the latex mask, best to make your own large YOLO sunglasses. The pre-made YOLO sunglasses listed above work best if you're going to use face-paint for Sans's head. In this case, paint in the YOLO letters to get the best match. Other AU Sans include Error!Sans, Ink!Sans, Underswap!Sans, and Underfell!Sans.

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  1. wow this rlly cool

  2. and the glasses miiiiight have to be taped to the mask

    (and a lil ps.) ( the glasses aaand mabye the hat might be not able to fit) ~_~’

  3. Dude! This is awesome!!! Thanks!

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