Garnet, who's a fusion of Ruby and Sapphire, is the leader of the Crystal Gems in Steven Universe and is often the the peacemaker between Pearl and Amethyst. For her costume, the gloves are going to require painting and bedazzling, and her leotard will also need alterations. The styrofoam ball will help to create the exaggerated puff sleeve look once they are shaped to your arm and covered in fabric.

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  1. Can you do the new The design of garnet please

  2. Hi! I know you might be busy doing other costumes, but I was wondering if maybe you can do Peridot with and without the limb enhancers? I’m sorry to ask that of you, since, like I said before, you’re probably incredibly busy with other stuff, but I would find that extremely useful. Thank you so much for these cosplay items for Garnet, though, and I hope you have many more to come!

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