Luisa Madrigal from Encanto

Luisa Madrigal from Encanto

Luisa Madrigal (voiced by Jessica Darrow) is the middle child of the Madrigal family in the Disney movie Encanto.  Luisa is younger than Isabela, but older than Mirabel.  Endowed with super strength, Luisa is reliable and tough, always willing to lend a helping hand, especially to her younger sister.  Luisa wears a long dark skirt and matching shoes paired with a white blouse.  She accessorizes with cloth bracelets and a red ribbon in her hair.

Luisa Madrigal from Encanto Costume 12345

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  1. Darlene Solomon January 2, 2022 Reply

    We need this made ASAP for Cosplay. Please reach out to her on TikTok, thank you 😊

  2. That’s so cool but it would have been better if they bought it together

  3. Very nice job! I got 2 of your linked items to complete my Halloween costume. When the kiddo says we’re doing family Encanto costumes, it’s Luisa or bust!

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