Nathan Drake

Nathan Drake

In the Uncharted series, Nathan "Nate" Drake is treasure hunter with an everyman personality and a wardrobe to match. Game publisher Naughty Dog based him on a combination of Johnny Knoxville and Harrison Ford, and they got the scoundrel down pat.

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  1. This looks really nice. I’m actually going to replicated it myself. One thing I’m going to add is call a Bandolier that comes across his chest that holds the bullets. M4 and Pistol would be added and I might most likely skip the flashlight.

  2. Raymond Drake January 7, 2015 Reply

    Every thing in here is great really cool! The only thing not in here is the brown leather cuff. Which the you you guys have are really cool, I would like one but can’t find one if any one can find one like this that would awesome!

  3. The shirt link does not work anymore

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