Elphaba from Wicked (Glasses Look)

Musical and Broadway fans are reeling after the release of the new trailer for the film Wicked. The film is a screen adaptation of the broadway musical Wicked,  which tells the story of the witches of Oz. This film will be in two parts and release separately, at different dates. As we await the first release, we get to analyze and enjoy the trailer and all of it’s impressive actors and of course, the costumes.

One look the internet is loving because of the glasses in particular, is this one that Elphaba wears as she seems to first arrive at Shiz University and meets Glinda. To dress like Elphaba here, wear these circle asymmetrical round glasses, black coat dress, black heeled boots, a micro twist wig if needed, and of course green face paint.

zatch bell from zatch bell!

Zatch Bell

Zatch Bell (voiced by Ikue Ôtani and Debi Derryberry) is the titular character in the manga and anime series Zatch Bell! Zatch is the son of the King of the Demon World.  He has lost his memory and works with his partner Kiyomaro Takamine to become Mamodo King.  Zatch is young and can be somewhat childish, but has a good heart.  Zatch has blonde hair and wears a blue cloak and matching blue boots, as well as an oversized bow tie with a gold gem.

Annabelle from Booksmart

Annabelle is a character from the movie Booksmart, and is played by Molly Gordon. The comedy film follows best friends Amy and Molly at the end of their senior year, where they attempt to experience things they haven’t in school like partying, but all in one night before graduation. Annabelle is a character in the film that we first view as sort of a bully to the two but as we learn more about her, like many characters, there is a lot more to her than we initially thought.

To dress like Annabelle, wear a multicolor striped tee, red running shorts, white sneakers, silver hoop earrings and a silver coin necklace.

Lord Debling from Bridgerton (Season 3)

Lord Debling is a character from the new third season of Bridgerton, and is played by Sam Phillips. Lord Debling is a character we meet while following the true star of this new season, Penelope Featherington. Penelope meets him in the season right in the middle of her falling head-over-heels for Colin Bridgerton, and so far she has gotten to the point of almost marrying Debling. He’s a kind and mature gentlemen who has strong interests in history and reading.

To dress like Lord Debling, wear a black tailcoat, black regency trousers, a white ruffle collar shirt, cream and gold embroidered vest, and tall black boots. Another look of his during the day and outdoors features a gray wool coat and deep brown or black top hat.

Mr. Grooberson from Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

Mr. Grooberson is a character from the new Ghostbsuters film, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire and is played by Paul Rudd. The film follows The Spengler family as they return to New York City, specifically the iconic firehouse we know from the original Ghostbusters. An ancient artifact is found and releases an evil force that brings on a second ice age, but both the new and old Ghostbusters are there to stop it together.

To dress like Mr. Grooberson, wear a red puffer or parka jacket, khaki coveralls, a khaki military or tactical style belt, and black combat boots. Attach a custom Ghostbusters name tag to the front of the jacket, either using your own name, or Grooberson. Attach the classic ghostbusters logo patch to the arm, and wear a ghostbusters proton pack (backpack), whether that be a replica pack or a costume backpack.

Hope from Booksmart

Hope is a character from the movie Booksmart, and is played by Diana Silvers. The comedy film follows best friends Amy and Molly at the end of their senior year, where they attempt to experience things they haven’t in school like partying, but all in one night before graduation. Hope is a cool classmate of theirs and is Amy’s crush who she ends up with in the end.

To dress like Hope, wear a brown fringe jacket, a white tee, light wash blue jeans, a black belt, and white converse sneakers.

Maximus from Fallout

A new TV series has been going viral online for its spot-on live action adaptation of the video game franchise Fallout that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. This series depicts the aftermath of The Great War of 2077, where survivors take refuge in fallout shelters or Vaults, which are actually all created as different experiments on the people who live in them. It follows a woman named Lucy who leaves Vault 33 to find her father in the dangerous wasteland of what is left of Los Angeles. She runs into a Ghoul bounty hunter, originally named Cooper Howard and a member of the Brotherhood of Steel named Maximus.

To dress like Maximus in his all-black costume when he’s on the go, wear a black collared coat/ jacket and black utility pants, or black coveralls which give the same effect. Underneath that, wear a wine red shirt with the collar and cuffs peeking out under the jacket or sleeves. Wear black combat boots and a black harness that attaches to a black utility/ tactical belt.

Lae’zel from Baldur’s Gate 3

Lae’zel is a character from the video game, Baldur’s Gate 3. She is a Githyanki Fighter. She is a proud soldier of her people, and believes the creche will cure the mind flayer tadpole. Lae’zel has an appetite for battle, usually itching to wield her sword rather than stop to help others. While initially harsh and biting, she develops a soft side, which the player will see if romancing her. Stay on her good side and she’ll come to respect you as a leader.

quote from cave story

Quote from Cave Story

Quote is a robot and the main protagonist of the PC game Cave Story tasked with eradicating the hidden dark power of Mimiga Island.  He is skilled in combat and uses a wide array of weapons.  Quote has dark hair and green ears with antenna.  To recreate this part of his costume, choose a slim pair of green headphones to wear under your hat.  His clothes consist of a black tank top, red pants, and dark boots.  Complete the look by adding a black belt with gold buckle, red gloves, and a long green scarf.

John from Please Don’t Destroy: The Treasure of Foggy Mountain

John is a character from the comedy film Please Don’t Destroy: The Treasure of Foggy Mountain, and is played by John Higgins. The film follows best friends Ben, John, and Martin who you also may recognize from their sketches on Saturday Night Live, as they go on an adventure to find a gold treasure, encounter others who also want it, and even a cult.

To dress like John, wear a blue polo shirt with jeans, or a multicolored windbreaker. For the costume he wears in the cult scenes, where members wear all purple, take white overalls and dye them purple with fabric dye, and wear a light purple shirt underneath that.