Pamela from Saltburn

Pamela from Saltburn

Saltburn is a new film by Emerald Fennel that follows Oliver Quick as he stays in his rich classmate Felix’s estate, and a series of horrifying events occur. Pamela is a friend of Felix’s mother Elspeth and is at Saltburn in the beginning of the film when Oliver arrives, and is played by Carey Mulligan.

Although we only see a short glimpse of Pamela’s style, it’s one that leaves a strong and memorable impression. She has blunt bangs, heavy makeup, lots of pearls and English-inspired jewelry pieces. To recreate some of her looks, wear a black knitted sleeve top over a black dress. Another is a black dress on which you can sew on small pearls to resemble buttons down the front, wear a ruffled Dickey collar underneath, lots of pearl bracelets and a ginger wig that could be styled like Pamela’s with short cut bangs.

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