carey mulligan

Irene from Drive

There is no real happy ending for Irene (played by Carey Mulligan). At least not with Driver. With her husband dead and Driver gone, Irene can only focus on doing what’s best for her son. That’s hard enough when you live in the world that Irene lives in.

Irene is the perfect closet cosplay option. She is a normal person with a closet like many other women. For Standard’s return party she wears a patterned tank top, a maxi skirt, and sandals. And, of course, the gold chain necklace she wears through most of the movie and her signature blonde bob.

Cassie Thomas from Promising Young Woman

In Promising Young Woman, Cassandra “Cassie” Thomas (Carey Mulligan) is a med school dropout who now takes revenge on predatory men by pretending to be drunk at clubs and bars, letting men take her home, and revealing her sobriety when they try to take advantage of her. In her latest act of vengeance, Cassie poses as a stripper dressed in a nurse outfit to reach her target at his bachelor party.

Daisy Buchanan

Daisy Buchanan (Carey Mulligan) is the love interest of Jay Gatsby in the film “The Great Gatsby.” She is portrayed as a vapid socialite. The film takes place in the 1920’s, so she is clothed in glamorous dresses, furs, and pearls.