In Steven Universe, Pearl is the analytical and strategic one of the Crystal Gems. She's very motherly towards Steven though sometimes she can be overbearing. Despite her calm and composed demeanor she has been known be flustered by things she doesn't understand.

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  1. The socks don’t even have that color…

    • The socks were sold out in that color. We’ve replaced it with a working link. Thanks!

  2. any other suggestions for the star? doesn’t exist on amazon anymore! :(

  3. The mint shirt is sold out in all sizes except for XXXL. :(

  4. The Shirt doesn’t come in mint anymore :(

  5. You can use another shirt on Amazon I’ll put the link so you can get it’s not exactly like pearls shirt but it’s useful

  6. Depressed alien rock maid turned rebel don’t you mean

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