In Blade Runner, Pris (Daryl Hannah) is one of four escaped replicants that Deckard is sent to "retire". A "basic pleasure model", she goes into hiding with a genetic designer who is sympathetic to their plight.

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  1. Thanks Tom, that’s sorted me right out for Halloween.
    I totally love Blade Runner and I started sourcing the outfit from scratch.

    I was worried that the wig was too short so went for this wig, which I think might work better after some playing around with it.

    The link for the tights didn’t work but I found them here:

    The boots were also no longer available, I opted for slouchy leg warmers to wear over other shoes… it looks like she’s wearing that in some stills from the film and it saves having to buy boots that I’ll never wear after Halloween.

    Anyway thought this might help. :-)

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