Richie Tozier from It

Richie Tozier from It

In Stephen King's It (2017), Richie Tozier (Finn Wolfhard) has the nickname Trashmouth Tozier, so you know he has a loud mouth and loves foul language. He's the clown of the Losers Club. No, not literally the clown, that's a fella named Pennywise.

Richie Tozier from It Costume

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  1. Could you possibly do Beverly Marsh as well? I’m having trouble finding the kind of overall she wears in the 2017 version of IT. Thank you.

  2. Can you also do the leper from the film?

    • Author

      We’ll try but doesn’t seem like there’s a good reference shot of it yet. This is the best one we could find…

  3. I found the face of the leper for you.

  4. Could you do Eddie Kaspbrak? Specifically Eddie with his cast? Thanks!

  5. Could you do Ben Hanscom please???

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