Envy from Inside Out 2

Envy (voiced by Ayo Edebiri) is a new emotion in the Pixar animated film Inside Out 2.  As Riley Anderson gets older, new emotions appear inside her mind.  Among these is Envy, a small, teal emotion constantly enamored of others.  Envy has light teal skin and darker hair held back with purple clips.  She wears a light purple polka dot dress with a magenta collar over a pair of dark purple leggings and deep teal boots.  Once you assemble your costume, complete your look by wearing teal gloves and painting your face with teal body paint.

Kate Sharma from Bridgerton

Kate Sharma is a character from the popular historical drama Netflix series Bridgerton, and is played by Simone Ashley. Kate is the main character we follow throughout season two of the series and she ends up marrying Anthony Bridgerton.

To dress like Kate, wear a purple regency-style dress, pink opera gloves, a rose gold tiara/ headband. To resemble her iconic turquoise costume she wears out hunting with Anthony, take a cropped turquoise blue blazer like the one linked, remove or cut off the peplum bottom piece or crop it shorter, tuck in a sheer white scarf in the neckline and wear over a regency dress. You can also take a blue top hat or another light color and paint over it with turquoise fabric paint to match the jacket/ blazer.

Thief from Root

Thief from Root

In the asymmetric tabletop role-playing board game Root, the Thief is a member of the Vagabond faction. This bipedal raccoon is dressed in a gray tunic with yellow scarf, and armed with a wooden walking staff and dagger, all the better to steal your cards.

Bonnie from Brawl Stars

Bonnie from Brawl Stars

In Brawl Stars, Bonnie is a daredevil stuntgirl who rides around in a cannon named Clyde. With her super fully charged, she can be shot out of the cannon, dealing short-range damage. For the complete look, apply black wax to recreate her missing tooth, and keep hands tucked inside your arm sleeves.

Colin Bridgerton from Bridgerton (Season 3)

Colin Bridgerton is a character we focus on mostly in this new third season, and is played by Luke Newton. Colin is a character we see throughout the season and someone we’re familiar with, but this season he becomes the main love interest of Penelope Featherington. Colin comes back this season with a new cool attitude and style.

To dress like Colin this season, wear a brown coat layered over a navy tailcoat, blue ruffle-collar shirt, gray printed vest, navy trousers, and brown riding boots.

Flannery O’Connor from Wildcat

Wildcat is a biographical drama that follows the life of writer Flannery O’Connor, and is played by Maya Hawke. The film tells the story of her struggle in publishing her first novel and being diagnosed with lupus. Her novel was published in 1952.

To dress like Flannery O’Connor in the film, wear a gray or brown wool coat, a silk printed or knit scarf, a blue beret, 1950s style glasses, and brown gloves.

Rai from Kingdom Hearts 2

Rai (voiced in Japanese by Kazuya Nakai and in English by Brandon Adams) is a prominent character in the Twilight Town world in the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

He, like his friends Fuu and Vivi, are part of Seifer’s self-created and run Disciplinary Committee in Twilight Town. Like the others, he is also a repurposed Final Fantasy character (VIII specifically), though in a much younger role. He’s mainly the muscle of the group, where Fuu is the logic.

Rai has short blackish-brown hair with sideburns and a bit of chin scruff, and similarly colored eyes. He wears a bright orange tank-top with black and white detailing, and a large chain necklace with a lightning bolt at the end. His pants are a pair of black sports sweats, with orange bands running down the sides, and a white outlined number 8 on the leg. The look is finished with blue and white wristbands, and yellow, black, and white shoes.

Yoshino Fujieda from digimon data squad

Yoshino “Yoshi” Fujieda from Digimon Data Squad

Yoshino “Yoshi” Fujieda (voiced by Yui Aragaki and Colleen O’Shaughnessey) is a character in the anime series Digimon Data Squad.  She is a team member of Thomas N. Norstein and Marcus Damon.  Yoshi is the eldest member of DATS.  She is rather mature for her age and views herself as an older sister figure for her teammates.  Yoshi has short red hair and favors an outfit that consists of a pink tank top, light blue capris, and high top sneakers, with a red belt.

Penelope Featherington from Bridgerton (Emerald Dress)

Penelope Featherington is the main character in this new third season of Bridgerton, and is played by Nicola Coughlan. Penelope is a character we know from previous seasons, and we also eventually learn a big secret of hers that leads to her being the focus this year.

One iconic look this season, and so far the most iconic is this emerald green dress after a new makeover she undergoes which is a much more mature and also dark look compared to her previous pastels and citrus-y bright dresses. To dress like Penelope in this emerald look, wear a green regency-style dress, black sheer gloves, a rhinestone necklace, and if needed a red wig styled like hers. You can also add embellishments like a flower/ feather hair piece, adding feathers to the shoulders, and green and orange/peach rhinestones to the front of the dress.

anxiety from inside out 2

Anxiety from Inside Out 2

Anxiety (voiced by Maya Hawke) is a character from the Pixar film Inside Out 2. As one of Riley Andersen‘s newest emotions, Anxiety joins the likes of Joy, Anger, and Disgust as Riley transitions into adolescence.  Anxiety’s personality suits the emotion she represents and she strives to control her environment (and Riley) in order to keep her anxious feelings at bay.  Anxiety’s color palette is orange and brown.  She has orange skin and hair, wears an orange and white striped turtleneck, brown slacks, and brown boots.  You can choose to paint your face orange if you want to truly embody the emotion’s look.

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