Princess of Barkingburg from PAW Patrol

In PAW Patrol, the Princess of Barkingburg (voiced by Caoimhe Judd) is a kind but naive girl. She has no idea that her pet puppy, Sweetie, is not so sweet. In the Mission PAW sub-series, Sweetie has evil plans to steal the princess’s crown and become queen for herself.

Richie from The Bear

Richie is from the series The Bear and is played by Ebon Moss-Bachrach. The Bear is about a chef named Carmen who has quit fine dining and returns to Chicago to try and fix the run down sandwich shop, previously owned by his brother who passed. We follow his struggles in gaining respect from the previous kitchen staff while dealing with grief and the stressful environment all at once. Richie, also referred to as ‘Cousin’, goes through major change and growth throughout the seasons. He started off being very short-tempered and now in the latest episode he has grown to be mature and collected.

One of the moments that shows us Richie’s growth is actually through his costume. After he gets experience at a high-end restaurant, he makes the decision to always wear suits. Through this we see a new level of respect from him, as he really makes an effort to work on himself and is really someone we all begin to root for. Before this, he dressed very casually with tees and shirts with their logo, along with his signature leather bomber jacket.

kazuya mishima from tekken

Kazuya Mishima from Tekken

Kazuya Mishima is one of the original playable characters from the Tekken series of video games.  The only game in which he does not appear is Tekken 3 where the likes of King take center stage and Kazuya makes only two brief cameos.  Kazuya was raised as an aristocrat in Japan before the death of his mother.  After his father threw him off a cliff, Kazuya awakened his Devil Gene, which provided him greater physical strength.  He trained throughout his childhood and eventually participated in the King of Iron Fist Tournament.  Kazuya’s general appearance has remained mostly unchanged throughout the series.  He wears white martial arts pants, and red martial arts gloves and shoes.  If you want the silver studs to be part of your costume, you can cut the fingertips off a pair of motorcycle gloves instead of using a fingerless sparring set.  In later iterations, his pants become a bit flashier with flame detailing, which you can add by using iron-on patches.  Likewise, he trades his standard black belt for a red belt with gold details later in the series.  Kazuya also sports a nasty scar across his chest, which you can use scar wax to replicate.

George Harrison from the Rooftop Concert

George Harrison from the Rooftop Concert

Like most things Beatles, their 1969 rooftop concert in central London was iconic, and so were their outfits that day. Before the police eventually shut down their performance, the Fab Four played numbers from their Get Back sessions, which would ultimately comprise their final album Let It Be. George Harrison’s look is best remembered for his shaggy fur coat, bright green pants, and of course his Rosewood Tele.

Mai Zenin from Jujutsu Kaisen

Mai (voiced in Japanese by Marina Inoue and in English by Laura Post) is a secondary character in the anime/manga Jujutsu Kaisen.

She is the twin sister of Maki Zenin, but goes to the Kyoto branch of Jujutsu High, instead of the Tokyo Branch like the others. She resents her sister for them having to go into the sorcerer life, and is quite rude to those around her in retaliation for her current role.

Mai has just above chin length dark green hair, and golden brown eyes. She wears a long sleeved version of the school’s uniform shirt in dark blue, low dropped pants in the same color, chocolate brown boots, and she carries around her gun to fight with.

Hayato Kawajiri

Hayato Kawajiri is a character in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable. Initially quiet and reserved, Hayato is an eleven year old boy who lives with his parents. But one day, he notices his father’s sudden change in personality. He begins to investigate, and realizes Yoshikage Kira has replaced his real father. Kira manipulates Hayato to keep his power a secret. But Hayato manages to outsmart Kira and join forces with Josuke to take him down once and for all. Even without a Stand, he proves to be an essential ally in the final arc.

Princess Mars from Sailor Moon

Mars has her usual hair cut and style for her princess look, but has a red mars symbol on her forehead, instead of the tiara.

She wears a red ribbon around her neck and a red teardrop necklace to accompany it. Her dress in this form is a two toned, v-neck sleeveless red dress, with a capelet on the back, and a pleated light red front piece.

Jean from Inside Llewyn Davis

Jean is a character played by Carey Mulligan from the film Inside Llewyn Davis, by Joel and Ethan Coen. Inside Llewyn Davis is set in 1960s New York City and follows a folk singer named Llewyn Davis who struggles to find success again in the music world. Jean is someone in Llewyn’s life that accuses him of being the father to her child, and he often goes to her and her husband for a place to stay or to borrow money. She is married to Jim, who she sings with at the Gaslight Cafe along with Troy Nelson. This trio is inspired by the group Peter, Paul, and Mary.

Jean along with the other characters, fit into their environment perfectly with the colors and textures of their costumes with lots of jackets and textured sweaters. The film is very bleak and muted, so you won’t find many brightly colored costumes. Jean sticks to sweaters in her wardrobe, like the two ribbed texture gray and orange ones, both with a turtleneck. The other sweater she wears in her apartment is a muted blue one, with a very brushed texture and not as thick as the two when she goes out. She also has an army-green coat with a plaid lining, which you can emphasize even more by layering a flannel shirt underneath it.

seven from scissor seven

Seven from Scissor Seven

Seven (voiced by He Xiaofeng in the original and Ronny Chieng and Saito Shinji in the American and Japanese dubs) is the amnesiac main character of the animated series Scissor Seven.  Seven is rather goofy and a bit of a pushover, but it’s eventually revealed that he was a deadly assassin prior to losing his memory.  Seven has dark, bushy eyebrows, and wears his hair in a spiky ponytail on top of his head; you can style a black wig to look similar.  His usual outfits consist of comfortable black shoes, black shorts, and a white hoodie with symbols for the numbers 6 and 7 on it.  To recreate his noticeable undereye bags, you can use a bruise makeup wheel typically used for Halloween makeup effects.

Danjuro Tobita/Gentle Criminal from My Hero Academia

Gentle (voiced in Japanese by Kōichi Yamadera and in English by Josh Gremillion) is one of the secondary antagonists in the My Hero Academia/Boku no Hero Academia series.

He is very polite, despite being a wanted criminal, as well as theatrical, and often records the criminal acts he commits in order to gain fame and recognition online. He cares very deeply about La Brava though, and tries to keep her safe as best she can, even when she’s accompanying him in dangerous situations to film.

Gentle has white, slicked back hair, with an accompanying mustache, eyebrows, and beard (despite being only 32) and vibrant blue eyes. He wears a white pair of pants that compliment La Brava’s, a white top with a cravat piece, two belts, brown loafers with detailing, a purple scarf with matching studded gloves, and a long black tailcoat with a very, very high collar.