Submission Guide

First ­Timers

Get familiar with the content, style, and tone of Carbon Costume.

Admin Site
Log into the admin site.

Author Profile
Click on Profile to enter your email address, homepage, Twitter, Facebook, bio, what nickname you want displayed on the site.

Your avatar can be set by registering with the same email address at Gravatar.

Costume Ideas
Search the site to make sure it hasn’t already been done, and check that premade “Halloween” costumes aren’t easily available. The best ideas are fringe or niche characters who are beloved but don’t have premade costumes.

You should use 2 to 10 items to create the costume. It doesn’t have to be a perfect replica, but should definitely capture the spirit of the character.

It’s nice if all of the items are from Amazon, but sometimes you need to go to a different site to find the right item.

Submission Guide

New Post

1. When you’re ready to add a new costume, click Post > Add New.

Post Title
2. Enter the name of your character.

Post Body
3. No changes are needed. Make sure the following code is in the post body: [cft format=1].

Load Costume Template
4. Below the body, in the Custom Field Template box, select Costume and click the Load button (a). If you don’t see the Custom Field Template box, click the Screen Options tab in the upper-­right corner (b) and activate it.

Character Image
5. Upload a character image at 975 x 600 pixels in JPG format. (How to resize images)

Costume Image
6. Upload a costume image at 975 x 600 pixels in JPG format. The items should be arranged in an asethetically pleasing layout.

7. Click Add New until you have enough for your items. For each item, enter a name and price (no dollar sign and no cents — rounded to the nearest dollar). If the item is on Amazon, enter the 10-­digit ASIN found in the URL (e.g., B007G6VAGO). If the item is from elsewhere, enter the full URL.

Character Excerpt
8. In the Excerpt box, enter a 2 – 4 sentence description of the character. This description should say a bit about who the character is, what they’re from, and what kind of clothing style they have. Add any tips about making the costume. Have fun with it. If you don’t see the Excerpt box, click the Screen Options tab in the top right and enable it.

9. Select 1 or more categories for the post (e.g., TV, Cartoon).

10. Enter tags in all lowercase that describe the character. The idea is that related posts should have at least one tag in common. Tags to add:

  • Show (e.g., mad men)
  • Actor (e.g., Tilda Swinton, Bill Murray, Jackie Chan)
  • Director for Movies (e.g., wes anderson, quentin tarantino, coen brothers)
  • Network for TV (e.g., cartoon network, disney channel)
  • Profession (e.g., rockstar, mad scientist, doctor, chef)

Save Draft
11. Go back to the top of the page and click the Save Draft button.

Watermark & Featured Image
12a. After you’ve saved the post once, you can set the watermark on the costume photo and Featured Image to the character photo. After clicking “Set featured image”, find the costume photo, enter a description of the photo in the “Alt Text” field (e.g., Charlie Brown Costume from Peanuts), then click the “Apply Watermark” link at the bottom.

12b. While still in the Media Library window, select the character photo, add an “Alt Text” description (e.g., Charlie Brown from Peanuts), then click the “Set featured image” button.

13. Press Save Draft again to save your work in progress, and the Preview button to see how the post looks. If you’re happy with it, hit the Submit button. Your post’ll then be reviewed by an admin.

Happy publishing!