america ferrera

Astrid Hofferson from How to Train Your Dragon

In How to Train Your Dragon, Astrid Hofferson (America Ferrera) is a young Viking woman from the Hooligan Tribe, and the eventual girlfriend of Hiccup. She’s blunt in her speech but loyal to her friends, and excelled in the training of/with her dragon. Brown fur and armor, inspired by her Viking heritage, are fixtures in her outfit.

Amy Sosa from Superstore

On Superstore, Amy (played by America Ferrera) has been a longtime employee of Cloud 9. Now that she is store manager, her look has evolved to be more polished and clean, so that she fits in with other store executives (even if she still changes her name tag every day). Amy can usually be found wearing business casual clothing, sensible heels, and a blue blazer.

Ugly Betty

In Ugly Betty, Betty Suarez (America Ferrera) lands a secretarial job at a high fashion magazine despite her quirky sense of style. When it comes to her clothing, she’s not at all afraid to be bold with colors or patterns.

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