Angel Disguise Crowley from Good Omens 2

Crowley is a main character in Good Omens. In the second season, he travels up to Heaven via elevator. Accompanied by the Muriel, he disguises himself as an angel by swapping his black outfit for silver and gold tones. You may also recognize his actor, David Tennant, as the Tenth Doctor. Use the gold eyeliner to draw the snake tattoo next to his ear.

Angel Devil from Chainsaw Man

Angel Devil is a character in the best selling manga and hit anime, Chainsaw Man. Illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto, the series was serialized in Shonen Jump for two years with new chapters bi-weekly. Chainsaw Man takes place in a world where devils are born from fears. Angel Devil may represent a fear of religion. He is kind towards humans, but touching him removes years from your life. Although he and Aki grows close, Makima ensures their demises.

Make Your Own: Suu from Clover

For those of you who are familiar with shojo manga, Clover may hold a special place in your heart. Despite […]

Victoria Secret’s Angel

This costume may not be for everyone but if you have the confidence then why not flaunt it? Grab your best lingerie and a pair of angel wings and you’re set to walk the runway just like a Victoria Secret’s model.


Often times regarded as a somber angel, Castiel has great affection for the Winchester brothers in Supernatural. In his world, angels don’t have much or any emotion, but Castiel has grown to have a range of emotions, which has both harmed and saved the world.

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