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Solene from The Idea of You

Solene is the main character in the new rom-com The Idea of You, and is played by Anne Hathaway. The Idea of You follows Solene, a 40 year old single mother who unexpectedly develops a romance with a 24 year old singer from a boy band.

To dress like Solene wear chic but simple pieces like this timeless tan trench coat with a simple white button down and a light khaki skirt. Another look features a black criss-cross front shirt and both of her looks are paired with fashionable black oversized sunglasses.

Ella of Frell

Ella of Frell is the protagonist of Ella Enchanted. The 2004 movie loosely adapts the children’s book as a fantasy musical comedy. As a baby, the fairy Lucinda gives Ella the “gift” (or curse) of obedience. This magically compels Ella to literally obey every command she’s given, even at the sacrifice of her own autonomy. Despite this, she is clever, headstrong, and ironically independent given that others control her life. Unlike other girls, she doesn’t swoon at the sight of Prince Charmont – which makes him more attracted to her. She’s portrayed by Emmy-winning actress Anne Hathaway.

Andy from The Devil Wears Prada

Andy is a character from the 2006 film The Devil Wears Prada, and is played by Anne Hathaway. The film follows Andy as she moves to New York to pursue a career in the fashion industry and learns what it takes to fit in with her demanding boss, Miranda.

To dress like Andy in an earlier look, wear a blue cable knit sweater over a white button down shirt and pair it with a tan printed midi skirt. Another look that is more fashion-forward is a green peacoat, white gloves, gold flats, black oversized sunglasses, and a fur scarf/collar piece that has an animal print.

The White Queen from Alice in Wonderland

The White Queen from Alice in Wonderland

Anne Hathaway brings the ethereal White Queen to life in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland movies. She is the polar opposite of her sister, the wicked Red Queen, preferring kindness over decapitation of those who annoy her. She favors the color white and a Victorianesque wardrobe, consistent with the era of Lewis Carroll and Alice’s home world.

lureen newsome twist from brokeback mountain

Lureen Newsome Twist from Brokeback Mountain

In Brokeback Mountain, Lureen Newsome Twist (played by Anne Hathaway) is a rodeo performer and the unsuspecting wife of Jack Twist.  Lureen’s father is a successful businessman and she eventually leaves the rodeo to work for him in pursuit of greater wealth.  Lureen’s most memorable costume in the film is her red and white rodeo outfit.

Selina Kyle as Catwoman

In the Dark Knight Rises, Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) is a cat burglar who’s cunning enough to steal from Batman. Here you can dress in the Catwoman guise or go more low key for the getaway.

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