Arisa Uotani

Arisa Uotani (Uo) from Fruits Basket

Uo (voiced in Japanese by Atsumi Tanezaki and in English by Elizabeth Maxwell) is one of the secondary characters in the anime/manga Fruits Basket.

She was formerly involved in gang activity in middle school, but ended up leaving her gang with Tohru‘s help, being saved by Tohru’s mom from being mortally wounded by the remaining members. Finding her own path, she ended up becoming fast best friends with Tohru, as well as Saki once she transferred to their class.

Uo has very long golden blonde hair that she generally wears over one eye, which are golden brown in color. Like her friends, she also wears the blue and white school uniform, but prefers to wear the top with the sleeves half rolled up, no tie or mid-piece, and with a maroon shirt underneath. She wears a much longer skirt than Tohru, reaching to nearly her ankles. She seems to have a few different types of shoes she wears, but the ones I went with were white slip-ons.

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