axe murderer

Lizzie Borden from Living Dead Dolls

Lizzie is from the second series of Living Dead Dolls, and is the second doll to be based off of a real person (ie, Lizzie Borden). The doll can be found at the Borden house, shown on display.

She has her copper hair worn up in a tight, high bun, with loose curls coming down on to her forehead, black sclera eyes with vibrant bluey-white in the center, and very dark red lipstick. Her dress is older-styled, with large black puff sleeves, a very long skirt, and a red ribbon tied loosely at her neck. As with the known rhyme, she carries a bloodied axe (though Lizzie was found innocent).

Man in the Mask

In The Strangers, the terrifying leader of the three strangers, the Man in the Mask (Kip Weeks) is easily recognized by his burlap mask with a smiley face. He’s also called Sackhead or Baghead by fans.

Ticci Toby

Ticci Toby is a crazed killer from the creepypasta of the same name. Ticci Toby was in a car crash with his sister, who unfortunately didn’t escape as she was impaled by glass shards and her chest and legs crushed by the car’s wreckage. Ticci Toby survived the crash, but carries with him the burden of an incurable tic caused by Tourette’s, giving him his name.

Axe Cop

Axe Cop is a gruff police officer who prefers to wield a fireman’s axe while fighting crime. He’s married to his job, working the “always” shift by sleeping two minutes per day. His battle cry is straight and to the point: “I will chop your head off!”

American Psycho Patrick Bateman

Christian Bale plays Patrick Bateman, a wealthy investment banker whose life revolves around superficial excesses like restaurants and fashion. He leads a double life as a serial killer, but it’s his obsession with Huey Lewis & the News that truly makes him an American psycho.

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