ben bryant

Roberto De Niro from Trigun Stampede

Roberto De Niro (voiced by Kenji Matsuda and Ben Bryant) is the latest character addition to the Trigun franchise.  In the 2023 reboot Trigun Stampede, Robert is a seasoned reporter with a bit of a drinking problem.  He and his rookie partner Meryl Stryfe are dispatched to investigate and report on Vash the Stampede by the Bernardelli New Agency.  Robert appears far more disheveled than his partner, with brown hair that hangs in his face and a beige button-down that is often partially untucked.  The rest of his outfit includes a brown blazer, brown boots, black pants, and a black belt.  His mustache is darker than his beard or hair, and you can use a temporary root touch-up tool to achieve this look.  Don’t forget your favorite libation in a silver flask to complete the transformation.

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