blue velvet

Dorothy Vallens from Blue Velvet

Dorothy Vallens played by Isabella Rossellini is a performer at The Slow Club. Her favorite song to perform is Blue Velvet by Bobby Vinton. Recently her life has taken a turn for the worse and her son has been kidnapped by the violent drug dealer Frank Booth who is also her abusive partner and main suspect of a murder case in Lumberton. Jeffrey, a young college student, begins to investigate the murders on his own outside of police jurisdiction. Him and Dorothy become a lot closer and he helps her save her son. Dorothy’s character is complex. She has been abused physically and emotionally and is currently under Frank’s control. She is very unsafe and it dwindles her mental health. She is going through all these hardships and yet she still prevails as an elegant and strong role through out the film. This costume is very glam and best worn in the evening. Think Halloween night at a divey bar or local club where live music is played.

Frank Booth from Blue Velvet

Frank Booth (Dennis Hopper) is the antagonist of David Lynch’s Blue Velvet. Widely considered to be among the most fearsome and repulsive movie villains ever, Frank is a symbol of total moral depravity, being a rapist murderer drug addict crimelord with a crippling personality disorder. Known for his obsession with huffing gas through an oxygen mask and drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon, these accessories are the perfect touch.

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