David Matranga

Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia (School Uniform)

Shoto (voiced in Japanese by Yūki Kaji and in English by David Matranga) is one of the main characters in the anime/manga series, My Hero Academia.

He is a student at UA, in class 1-A with Izuku Midoriya, and often teams up with both him and Katsuki Bakugo. The three of them formed a group to do a work study under Shoto’s father, the pro-hero Endeavor. He got a mix of quirks from both his parents, and is able to use both the powers of fire as well as ice, though he was hesitant to use the fire side earlier on in the series due to the trauma caused by his family.

We do already have an article for his hero outfit available here, so for this one I’ll be covering his school attire. His hair doesn’t change between outfits, it’s still the same styled two toned red and white, and his eyes are alternatively turquoise and brownish-grey, with a scar covering the turquoise side. Since this is the school outfit, he wears the standard grey and dark teal blazer, with matching pants, a white button up shirt, and a red tie. For his shoes, he wears similar ones to his sister, with them being the same style sneaker, in a light blueish-green.

Rei Suwa from Buddy Daddies

Rei (voiced in Japanese by Koki Uchiyama and in English by David Matranga) is one of the main characters in the anime Buddy Daddies.

He works as an assassin with his partner Kazuki, but spends most of the rest of his time playing video games and learning how to look after their recently acquired daughter, Miri.

Rei has shaggy black hair, usually worn in a high ponytail with shaved sides when he’s on a job and down when he’s home, and his eyes are a deep almost black grey. He dresses in a less layered way than Kazuki, with a black t-shirt, a blue biker jacket, black-blue jeans, and black boots.

Teru Minamoto from Toilet Bound Hanako-kun

Teru Minamoto (voiced in Japanese by Uchida Yūma, and in English by David Matranga) is one of the secondary main characters of the anime Toilet Bound Hanako-Kun, and the Student Council President at Kamome Academy, in their High School division.

Teru is the oldest of the three Minamoto siblings, the younger ones being Kou and Tiara, and to his knowledge, the strongest exorcist out of the three (that’s heavily debated once his sister shows immense strength in that field at age 5).

While his brother has readily befriended the ghosts that their family had been previously sworn to exorcise, Teru does not show any of this kindness, and is more than willing to brutally take down any spirits that cross his path.

He has a similar appearance to Kou, with slightly fluffier and blonder hair, but the same color blue eyes. His typical clothing we see him in is the Kamome uniform, but instead of a blue shirt like the others, he wears a long sleeved white one instead. Teru carries around an assortment of exorcist tools as well, such as assumedly prayer beads on a bracelet, and his sword, usually attached to his belt.

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