David Vincent

Phinks Magcub from Hunter x Hunter

Phinks Magcub (voiced in Japanese by Kenichirō Ōhashi and in English by David Vincent) is part of the Phantom Troupe in the anime/manga HunterxHunter.

He’s one of the strongest members of the troupe, with a nen ability centered around extremely strong punch throwing. Phinks is one of the original founding members of the troupe, having known Chrollo since they were kids.

He has dirty blonde hair, often worn pulled back tightly, and speck-like eyes. While he does have another outfit that he’s seen wearing, the one we mostly see him in is this tracksuit-like one. A matching emerald green tracksuit with white and red detailing, and grey-blue detailed sneakers to top it all off.

Kento Nanami from Jujutsu Kaisen

Kento Nanami (voiced by Kenjiro Tsuda and David Vincent) is a grade 1 sorcerer and a mentor to Yuji Itadori in the manga and anime series Jujutsu Kaisen.  Kento originally left Jujutsu High upon graduation to become a businessman.  Four years later, he returned to Tokyo Jujutsu High to continue his work as a sorcerer.  Kento wears a tan business suit with a blue shirt and tie.  His signature green-lensed glasses are without arms in his original design, but a standard pair of round-lensed glasses in the right color will still achieve a similar enough effect and be much easier to wear.

Richter Belmont from Castlevania

Richter Belmont from Castlevania

Richter Belmont (voiced in the English games by David Vincent and the Japanese by Kiyoyuki Yanda) is the bane of Dracula’s existence. Well one of them anyway. A vampire hunter from a long line of them, Belmont wields the Sacred Whip in his efforts to rid the world of evil.

There are several variations on Belmont’s costume. This write-up will focus on the one pictured above.  To start you’ll want a long blue military coat. You’ll have to cuff the sleeves and likely pin them in place so they don’t unroll while you’re wearing the costume. You’ll also need long black gloves and a pair of white pants. Finish it off with a bandolier, a brown wig, brown pirate boots, and – of course – the Scared Whip!

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