David Zayas

Angel Batista from Dexter

Angel Batista (played by David Zayas) is one of the few people Dexter Morgan would sincerely call a friend. Though Angel is far from perfect he tries to be a good man. He is generally very loyal even when he makes a mistake and his family is often the most important thing in his life. He is also dedicated to his career and does his best to make sure the law is there to protect the people who need it.

Cosplaying as Angel is generally pretty easy but there are two things that any variation on his costume has to have: his goatee and his fedora. You can try and grow your own goatee, draw one on, or use a fake one like that listed above. And though Angel wears several different fedoras, he is rarely seen without one at all.

The rest of his costume is pretty typical for someone who will spend a lot of time outside and in older Miami buildings. A loose-fitting shirt – usually a bowing shirt or Hawaiian shirt – khaki slacks and sturdy but still good-looking shoes that won’t hurt a detective’s feet in the middle of a shift. Add in a detective badge and you’re ready to go!

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