Wes Anderson on the Set of Moonrise Kingdom

Wes Anderson is the director of the 2012 film Moonrise Kingdom. Moonrise Kingdom is about 12 year olds Sam and Suzy on the island of New Penzance. We follow them as they decide to run away together and the adults of the film try to find them. This quirky film has very distinct costumes, just like all of his films. They’re very unique, detailed, and almost doll-like. On this film set, Wes wore his iconic brown corduroy two-piece suit. He pairs this with a colorful plaid shirt, sweater, and green plaid scarf. He dresses like he fits right into the environments that he so meticulously creates.

Greta Gerwig on the Set of Barbie

Greta Gerwig is the director of the new 2023 film Barbie. The Barbie movie follows Barbie and Ken’s journey into the real world and we meet more iconic Barbie dolls from Mattel along the way. Gerwig tends to dress in a way that fits the theme of what she is directing. For Barbie, the rest of the crew were also encouraged to wear pink to set everyday, creating an even more immersive environment for the cast. On this set Gerwig wore various coveralls or jumpsuits, and always pink headphones. Add a pink lanyard to tie it all together!

George Lucas

The father of the Star Wars franchise, George Lucas is one of the most prolific and recognizable names in science-fiction. While his work on the infamous prequels is criticized by many, maybe justifiably so, no one can deny his massive influence on film and pop culture as a whole. Don’t forget your Jar Jar!

Michael Moore

Michael Moore is an American activist and filmmaker, most notable for making the documentaries Bowling for Columbine, Fahrenheit 9/11, and Sicko. While his films are certainly attention getting, you couldn’t say the same for his outfit, bullhorn notwithstanding.

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