dragon tales

Emmy from Dragon Tales

Emmy (voiced by Andrea Libman) is the no-nonsense older sibling inĀ Dragon Tales. She is usually the one to notice when something is wrong as well as the one to keep a calm head and look for a solution. Some might call her bossy. But that’s just what happens when you and your little brother spend your free time in a mystical land full of talking dragons and adventure!

Dressing up as Emmy is fairly easy. You’ll need a long brown wig with bangs. Emmy wears her hair back in a pony tail tied with an elastic tie that is the same red as her t-shirt. A denim jumper dress makes up the rest of her costume in addition to white socks and red high tops. You can round out the costume with a plush dragon and a dragon scale necklace like the one Emmy and Max use to jump between worlds.

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