ella enchanted

Ella of Frell

Ella of Frell is the protagonist of Ella Enchanted. The 2004 movie loosely adapts the children’s book as a fantasy musical comedy. As a baby, the fairy Lucinda gives Ella the “gift” (or curse) of obedience. This magically compels Ella to literally obey every command she’s given, even at the sacrifice of her own autonomy. Despite this, she is clever, headstrong, and ironically independent given that others control her life. Unlike other girls, she doesn’t swoon at the sight of Prince Charmont – which makes him more attracted to her. She’s portrayed by Emmy-winning actress Anne Hathaway.

Fairy Lucinda from Ella Enchanted

Lucinda is a stylish, spunky fairy played by Vivica A. Fox. Lucinda is not the most popular fairy in the land. She’s known in Ella Enchanted for bestowing the worst gifts. Her lacking gift choices are rooted in good nature, but not thought through. That’s how poor Ella was given the gift of obedience.

Prince Charmont from Ella Enchanted

Prince Charmont (played by Hugh Dancy) is a charming prince not used to women not swooning over him as Ella of Frell did. He is the only son of the deceased King, and next in line for the throne. Prince Charmont doesn’t want to be a king. Unfortunately for him, being king is not exactly a fate he can runaway from. He coincidentally encounters Ella often while they both tackle their own problems in Ella Enchanted.

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