emma stone

Linda Marino from Maniac

In Maniac, Annie Landsberg (Emma Stone) has a shared B-pill induced dream with Owen Milgram that they are married couple Linda and Bruce Marino. Lin works hospice and gets pulled into a scheme to recover a ring-tailed lemur that belongs to one of her patients after it’s been stolen by furriers planning to make it into a hat.

Annie Landsberg from Maniac

In Maniac, Annie Landsberg (Emma Stone) is a deeply unhappy and anti-social woman who dwells unhealthily on her relationships. In particular she is troubled by the traumatic circumstances of her sister’s death, which she deals with by abusing experimental drugs, going as far as to sign up for Neberdine ‘s pharmaceutical trials to gain access to them.

Olive Penderghast

In easy A, Olive Penderghast’s (Emma Stone) reputation is ruined after a rumor spreads about her. Instead of hiding in shame, she embraces her new image as the school tramp by wearing lingerie and accessorizing with a scarlet letter “A”.