eric andre

Ranch It Up

Ranch it up! Advocate to legalize ranch in this casual, mismatched outfit from The Eric Andre Show. Comedian and host Eric Andre goes up to people in Manhattan and talks nonsense, mainly about ranch dressing. You may recognize Ranch It Up from the “Cheers, I’ll drink to that bro”┬áreaction meme. Crop the t-shirt with a pair of scissors.

Luci from Disenchantment

In Disenchantment, Luci (voiced by Eric Andre) is a black shadow-like creature who is Princess Bean’s personal demon. Contrary to popular belief, Luci isn’t short for Lucifer, but rather Lucille. The People of Dreamland often confuse him for a cat.

Kraft Punk

On the Eric Andre Show, Kraft Punk is a cheesy Daft Punk lookalike who pranks unsuspecting passers by. Some of his top hits include slipping slices of Kraft cheese under subway passengers and stealing basketballs and dumping them in a bucket of Cheez Whiz.

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