erika christensen

Angie Polaski from Will Trent

Angie Polaski (played by Erika Christensen) is a main character in the TV series Will Trent, based on the Karin Slaughter book series.  Angie is police officer with the Atlanta PD partnered with Michael Ormewood, and grew up in foster care alongside the titular Will, who she dates on and off at the start of the series.  She is also a recovering addict.  Angie has red hair and a purposefully unaffected demeanor.  She cuts her hair short in season two.  Angie wears a wide arrange of styles.  If you choose to recreate this look from season one, you’ll need grey boots, wide leg pants, a bright sweater and orange neckerchief, topped with an oversized coat.  One of her looks in season two includes dark jeans and a green button down under a burgudny sweater.  Her gold hoops and small brown purse make several appearances throughout the series.

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