flushed away

Roddy St. James from Flushed Away

Roddy St. James (voiced by Hugh Jackman) is post rat who gets flushed down the toilet in the Dreamworks film Flushed Away.  Roddy teams up with Rita Malone to find his way home.  Roddy’s penthouse wardrobe consists of doll clothes.  At the start of his journey, he’s wearing a fancy tuxedo, though he eventually loses the jacket and bow tie.  To apply a rodent nose prosthetic, you’ll need spirit gum or liquid latex, but don’t forget to purchase remover as well to make the process of taking it off more comfortable.

Rita Malone from Flushed Away

Rita Malone (voiced by Kate Winslet) is an adventurous rat in the Dreamworks film Flushed Away.  The polar opposite of Roddy St. James, Rita is adventurous and brave, not afraid to take risks or speak her mind.  Rita has long red hair and wears a green sweater paired with pants printed with the UK flag.  To recreate the appearance of a rat, you may have to mix and match pieces from different accessory sets.  The most realistic way to get the look is to use a prosthetic nose with a little spirit gum to hold it in place.

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