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Quote from Cave Story

Quote is a robot and the main protagonist of the PC game Cave Story tasked with eradicating the hidden dark power of Mimiga Island.  He is skilled in combat and uses a wide array of weapons.  Quote has dark hair and green ears with antenna.  To recreate this part of his costume, choose a slim pair of green headphones to wear under your hat.  His clothes consist of a black tank top, red pants, and dark boots.  Complete the look by adding a black belt with gold buckle, red gloves, and a long green scarf.

Ariko Katsuragi/Alice from Alice’s Warped Wonderland/Alice in Distortionworld

Ariko/Alice is the main character of the horror game Alice in Distortionworld/Alice’s Warped Wonderland, though the name is imposed on her as the other characters insist on calling her it.

She fulfills the role of ‘Alice’ in a world that is both Wonderland and her own, but with a much darker twist to it, and the worry of not knowing who to trust. Her guide throughout the world is this story’s iteration of the Cheshire Cat.

Alice has mid-toned brown eyes, and her hair is the same color, reaching down to the middle of her back with short bangs. She wears a red dress with puffed sleeves, a black collar with a matching ribbon, and black lace trim layered around the hems. A white lace-trimmed apron is worn over top, and she has matching socks that she wears with black mary-janes.

Cheshire from Alice’s Warped Wonderland/Alice in Distortionworld

Cheshire is a main character in the video game Alice’s Warped Wonderland/Alice in Distortionworld.

He, like most other characters bearing the same name, is both a guide to Alice and an annoyance. They spend most of the game together, getting into various harrowing situations both involving him and caused by him.

We never see him with his hood down, so his outfit consists of an extremely long floor length grey robe with very long sleeves, and a long thin red ribbon attached to a golden bell. The little we can see of his face with a large smattering of freckles, and an extremely wide smile with dirty, sharp teeth.

timmy from 60 seconds

Timmy McDoodle from 60 Seconds!

Timmy is the youngest member of the McDoodle family trying to survive a nuclear explosion in the indie game 60 Seconds!  He is the brother of Mary Jane and the son of Dolores and Ted.  Timmy has curly ginger hair and freckles.  He wears a blue and yellow striped shirt, olive shorts, suspenders, socks, and slippers.  If you can’t find an exact match for his shirt, choose one that has similar cut and colors.

mary jane from 60 seconds

Mary Jane McDoodle from 60 Seconds!

Mary Jane is the eldest child of Dolores and Ted and the sister of Timmy.  In 60 Seconds! she and her family must try and survive for as long as possible in an underground shelter after a nuclear explosion.  Mary Jane looks a lot like her dad.  She wears her black hair in a high ponytail and wears a navy pleated skirt, a peter pan collar blouse, and brown shoes with white socks.  You can cut the red ribbon out of a wig with a pre-made ponytail and use a bright pink hair tie instead.

ted from 60 seconds

Ted McDoodle from 60 Seconds!

Ted McDoodle is the father of Mary Jane and Timmy and the husband of Dolores in the indie survival game 60 Seconds!  Ted is chubby with black hair he wears parted to the side.  He is one of the two playable characters tasked with gathering supplies in the sixty seconds to help his family survive a blast in their nuclear shelter.  Ted’s clothes consist of black shoes, grey pants, a white button down, dark yellow tie, and olive sweater vest.

dolores from 60 seconds

Dolores McDoodle from 60 Seconds!

Dolores is a member of the McDoodle family in the indie survival game 60 Seconds! She is the mother of Mary Jane and Timmy and the wife of Ted.  The McDoodle family must gather as many supplies as they can in the titular sixty seconds in order to survive a nuclear explosion in their home’s fallout shelter.  Dolores wears a beige collared dress, an apron, and red heels.  She has ginger hair and wears red lipstick and a gold wedding band.

nepeta leijon from homestuck

Nepeta Leijon from Homestuck

Nepeta Leijon is a troll from Homestuck, the MS Paint Adventure webcomic and game.  Jade Harley is her favorite human.  Nepeta is naive and enjoys friendly roleplay.  She hunts animals for food and lives in a cave.  Nepeta has grey skin and black hair.  Her outfit includes a black t-shirt with a dark green symbol, a green jacket, and grey pants.  She wears a blue cat-shaped hat, blue shoes, and has a long blue tail.  You can purchase a blue cat costume set to use the tail and add a pair of fangs to better emulate Nepeta’s troll-like appearance.

Samekichi from Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea

Samekichi is one of the main characters in the pixel horror game (and manga adaptation) Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea.

He was the first one to become one of Wada’s familiars and cares for her very deeply, even though he ends up having to try and push her away to keep her safe from his twin brother, Sal. Like the rest of the familiars, he is animal based, with his being a shark. He is able to shift between both the humanoid version, and his shark form at will.

Samekichi has blueish grey shaggy hair, worn partially in his face, and just past his chin, with a notched shark fin sticking out of the top. His eyes are also a deep shaded blue, with a grey overtone to them. His usual outfit consists of a light grey undershirt, with a black jacket with a white fur trim over top, and dark greyish-black pants with his shark tail coming out of the back. It’s finished off with a metal anchor necklace to represent his connection to Wada, a black belt, dark gloves, and black heeled shoes with blue soles.

toriel from undertale

Toriel from Undertale

Toriel is the second creature the protagonist meets in the pixelated game Undertale.  She meets them in Flowey and is the caretaker of the Ruins.  She is also the mother of Asriel.  Toriel is a goat-like creature with white fur, long ears, and horns.  She wears a long, flowing purple dress with white sleeves.  To create your costume, you’ll need white fuzzy shoes and a headband with horns and long animal ears.  You can find replica costumes for Toriel, but they can be expensive.  If you’d rather choose a dress that’s similar even if it isn’t an exact match, you may also want to use a white bandana to cover your hair.

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