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Wigfrid from Don’t Starve Together

Wigfrid is one of the playable characters in the survival horror game series, Don’t Starve.

She’s a former stage star, fully embodying the roll of the Valkyrie character she played to the point where it became the only thing she could do, leaving her other performances imperfect.

Wigfrid is usually seen wearing her stage costume, with her bright red hair tied back into two thick braids, white eyes like a large amount of other DST characters, and a gold toned valkyrie costume, with tan sandals/wraps, metallic bracers, and a viking-esque had with a unicorn at the top.

Lancer from Deltarune

Lancer is a main character from the game Deltarune.  A Darkner like Spamton, Ralsei, and Jevil, Lancer is white and black with blue details including and looks like a spade from a deck of cards.  For your costume, you can start with a white full-body suit.  Wear a blue hood, blue gloves, and blue shoes.  Add an iron-on blue spade decal to a black leotard to wear over top and you’re ready to go.

mettaton from deltarune

Mettaton from Undertale

Mettaton is a robot with a soul who appears in UndertaleSpamton includes several references to Mettaton in Deltarune.  Mettaton’s original appearance is a box with rectangular lights, but he is eventually transformed into a more humanoid body created by Alphys.  To create your Mettaton costume, you’ll want to start with a metallic shirt and gloves, black pants, and pink boots.  Then, don a set of black shoulder pads and layer a black tank top with pink skull and crossbones over top.  Add a pink heart sticker to a metallic silver belt and don’t forget your emo wig to complete the look.

Squigly (Sienna Contiello) from Skullgirls

Squigly (voiced in Japanese by Miyuki Sawashiro and in English by Lauren Landa) is one of the DLC characters in the fighting game, Skullgirls.

While her life as Sienna is covered through the backstory part of her story mode, she’s seen in the rest of the game modes as her undead form, Squigly. Like Filia, she is connected to a parasite, hers being named Leviathan, and he is the being that is keeping her in a ‘living’ form. Her fighting style closely incorporates Leviathan, and also uses song in attacks.

Squigly has light blue skin and dark blue hair worn in two pigtails in red ties (I didn’t include materials for Leviathan, but may try to make a tutorial later), a stitched shut mouth, and intense red eyes. She wears a low cut dark magenta shirt with scooped sides, a giant cartoony skull over her chest, red and white striped disconnected sleeves with a starry flared base over her hands (one of which is skeletal), her skirt is tight and dark blue, with the same sort of flare at the end, with cutouts circling the base, a pair of red and white striped stockings, and it’s finished off with a tall black collar with a white x at the front.

Winona from Don’t Starve Together

Winona is one of the playable characters in the survival horror game series, Don’t Starve.

She is Charlie‘s older sister, and ended up getting pulled into the Constant in her quest to find her and save her, after she went missing. She’s a mechanic and found her way closer to what was going on by working at the Voxola factory.

Winona has black swirled hair like her sister, but it’s swept up into a high hairdo with a red wrap, and she’s got white eyes like a lot of the other characters. Her outfit consists of a white shirt with rolled up sleeves, dark grey overalls, with matching gloves, and black workboots.


Shantae is the titular character and protagonist of the Shantae video games from WayForward Technologies. As the daughter of a human rather and Guardian Genie mother, she is a half-genie with magical powers. Some of these powers include her whipping hair, attuning to magical items, and performing magic dances that grant her shapeshifting abilities. Cristina Vee voices Shantae in the original game plus Shantae and The Pirate’s Curse..

Walter from Don’t Starve Together

Walter is one of the newer added playable characters to the survival horror game series, Don’t Starve.

He is a scouting type character, in-universe as a Pinetree Pioneer, and is one of the two Canadian characters out of the cast (the other being Woodie). After being pulled into the Constant, he ended up befriending Woby, a dog(?) that he found there.

Walter has wildly curly black hair, white eyes, freckles, and he wears a scouting cap (I couldn’t find a close enough one, but nautical caps are fairly close if you need a start). He’s usually seen wearing his Pinetree Pioneer uniform, comprised of a light tan scouting shirt, red neck ribbon, a brown belt, forest green shorts, white crew socks, and brown laced shoes.

Dio/Robin from Mad Father

Robin/Dio is one of the major characters in the 2012 RPGMaker pixel horror game Mad Father.

For the majority of the early part of the fandom, he was referred to as Dio by the fans, and was also called as such on the Steam announcement page, but is called Robin in-game, so it’s a bit up for debate. He protects Aya throughout intense points of the game, and tries to get her to leave with him, to keep her safe.

Dio/Robin has short, fluffy golden-blonde hair, and brown eyes, though depending on the point of the story, one of them is heavily damaged/missing, and he covers it up with a wrap bandage. He wears an off-white/cream button up shirt with the sleeves partially rolled, cuffed brown pants, dark suspenders, and light brown shoes.

Jackie from Only Up!

Jackie from Only Up!

In the indie platformer game Only Up!, Jackie must climb, literally, out of a junkyard and up the world to escape from poverty. Jackie’s name is inspired by the folktale Jack and the Beanstalk, where a boy climbs high enough to pass through the clouds. No word on if the namesake wore a t-shirt promoting NFTs though — as Jackie does with his Goblintown hoodie.

Wickerbottom from Don’t Starve Together

Wickerbottom is one of the original playable characters in the survival horror game series, Don’t Starve.

She is a librarian that loves cats, and has an extensive knowledge of a wide variety of topics. This is expanded upon in her short, where she is shown essentially absorbing the entirety of the information in her library.

Wickerbottom has white hair worn up in a tight bun, and beady black eyes, unlike a lot of the other characters. She wears low, rectangular glasses, a yellow patterned button up shirt, a dark red skirt, black tights, and white clog-like shoes.

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