jade west

Jade West from Victorious

Jade West is a character on the Nickelodeon series, Victorious. She attends Hollywood Arts to pursue a career in singing, acting, and scriptwriting. Rebellious and resilient, Jade has no problem speaking — or shouting — whatever’s on her mind, even if it’s rude. She gets annoyed easily and possesses a sadistic sense of humor. She is also obsessed with scissors. Jade particularly likes pushing Tori’s buttons, but they’re friends — for the most part. She is dating Beck Oliver, and while their relationship goes through ups and downs, they always come back to each other. Her fashion reflects her dark and edgy personality, complete with teal highlights and an eyebrow piercing. If you don’t have your eyebrow pierced, use silver liquid eyeliner to draw a dot above and below the brow for a good illusion.

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