jeff goldblum

Deputy Kovacs from The Grand Budapest Hotel

In The Grand Budapest Hotel, Deputy Kovacs (played by Jeff Goldblum) is a lawyer who represents the interests of the hotel and Madame D.  He is responsible for reading the will that bestows the Boy with Apple painting to M. Gustave.  Deputy Kovacs wears a pinstripe suit and round rimmed glasses.

Dr. Ian Malcolm

Dr. Ian Malcolm didn’t skimp on style when he arrived at Jurassic Park. Dressed in all black, the sarcastic mathematician could have easily gone from dinosaur safari to night club in seconds. A black leather jacket is an attractive part of this costume but if you really want to impress the ladies make sure you can explain chaos theory.

Alistair Hennessey

Alistair Hennessey is arch-nemesis to Steve Zissou in The Life Aquatic. True, Hennessey was once married to Zissou’s wife, but the animosity is more that he’s more handsome, rich, fashionable, and all-around successful than his counterpart.

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