Jerry Jewell

Victor Nikiforov from Yuri on Ice

Victor (voiced in Japanese by Junichi Suwabe and in English by Jerry Jewell) is the secondary main character in the anime Yuri on Ice.

He was a legendary skater from a young age, which lead to Yuri idolizing him. After a banquet for all the skaters, he ended up approaching the other skater to train him, per Yuri’s request (which he didn’t remember). This lead to them (theoretically) being engaged.

Victor has short, light grey hair worn partially over one eye, which are a mixed blue gradient. For this outfit, he wears a red and white custom jacket with red pants, a dark grey undershirt, and red sneakers.

Momotaro Mikoshiba from Free! (Casual Outfit)

Momotaro (voiced in Japanese by Kenichi Suzumura and in English by Jerry Jewell) is one of the secondary characters in the anime series Free!

He is the younger brother of Seijuro (and Isuzu), the former captain of Samezuka Academy’s swim club, and at present in the series, he is the new captain.

Momo has short, fluffy, burnt orange hair, and bright golden eyes. We see him wear several outfits through the series, and this is one of his more casual ones. He has a yellow hoodie that he wears under a white, black lined jacket, with matching white pants. He finishes off the look with a pair of black sneakers.

Kyo Sohma from Fruits Basket

Kyo (voiced in Japanese by Yuma Uchida and in English by Jerry Jewell) is one of the primary main characters in the anime/manga Fruits Basket.

He is the cat out of the Sohma’s cursed zodiac line, and lives with Yuki, Shigure, and Tohru. He tends to be argumentative and prone to fighting, but is kinder once he warms up to Tohru. In addition to being the cat, he also has a larger cursed ‘true form’ that he hides from everyone.

Kyo has short, semi-spiky orange hair, and orangey-brown eyes. Like the rest of the characters, he has a large variety of outfits, but for this, I went with his school uniform. It consists of a dark blue shirt with matching slacks, and he wears a yellow shirt underneath. The personal touches he includes are a pair of orange high-tops, and a white/red bracelet that he uses to contain his true form.

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