Wickerbottom from Don’t Starve Together

Wickerbottom is one of the original playable characters in the survival horror game series, Don’t Starve.

She is a librarian that loves cats, and has an extensive knowledge of a wide variety of topics. This is expanded upon in her short, where she is shown essentially absorbing the entirety of the information in her library.

Wickerbottom has white hair worn up in a tight bun, and beady black eyes, unlike a lot of the other characters. She wears low, rectangular glasses, a yellow patterned button up shirt, a dark red skirt, black tights, and white clog-like shoes.

Webber from Don’t Starve Together

Webber is one of the playable characters of the survival horror game series, Don’t Starve.

He is a young boy that got merged with a spider during a lab experiment gone wrong, fled from his home, and now lives in the Constant with the other survivors.

Webber, due to being partially spider, has course fuzzy black hairs all over his body, spider legs sticking out of his head, an assortment of white eyes, and long yellowy fangs.