legend of zelda

Morshu from Link: The Faces of Evil

Morshu is a merchant who sells lamp oil, rope, and bombs to Link in The Faces of Evil video game from the Zelda series on the Philips CD-i system.  Morshu is a shrewd businessman and will not sell goods to Link if he does not have enough rubies.  Morshu wears green pants, a matching hat, and an orange shirt with a brown and yellow vest over top.

Medli from Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Medli is a young, kindhearted Rito (bird person) living on Dragon Roost Island. She befriends Link on his oft-sidetracked quest to rescue his little sister during the events of The Wind Waker, and assists him in her capacity as the apprentice caretaker of Valoo the dragon. When I first saw this character while playing The Wind Waker for the first time, I immediately fell in love with her cute aesthetic and kindhearted nature. Naturally, I had to recreate her costume!