Of all the people in the universe, the last one you want to meet is Lobo. He’s the last known Czarnian – because he wiped out his entire species as a science project. And unless you’re Al or Darlene – the owner and waitress in his favorite diner – or a dolphin (the one animal he has a soft spot for) he’s not going to hesitate to wipe you out either.

He first appeared in a 1983 Omega Men comic and has been running from fight to fight ever since. Though you can be sure he’s only running so he doesn’t miss any of the really bloody bits.

Lobo doesn’t wear much which is funny for a man who spends most of his time in fights. Then again he race was nearly immortal before he wiped them out. Of course his clothes don’t make for the best armor. But they do make for a pretty easy cosplay.

A long black wig is a good starting point. From there you can either use a grey bodysuit and body paint or just body paint to get Lobo’s greyish-blue skin tone. Then add in some black leather pants and leather boots. You’ll also want a pair of knee protectors decorated with a red star you’ll have to paint on by hand. Finish up with some costume chains to use against your enemies and you’re ready to chase mayhem too!

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