Luca Guadagnino

Tashi from Challengers

Tashi Duncan is the main character in the new film Challengers, and is played by Zendaya. Challengers is a drama/ romance film that centers around Tashi who after a career-ending injury, becomes a tennis coach and mentor for her husband Art Donaldson. They encounter a former lover of Tashi’s, Patrick Zweig as they prepare for their upcoming match.

To dress like Tashi as a tennis champion, wear a white preppy tennis dress and carry a tennis racket. In her iconic coaching look from the trailer, she wears a blue shirt dress that ties at the waist with rounded black sunglasses. In one dressy outfit she wears a blue glittery sleeveless mini dress. You can also wear this grey t-shirt that reads “I TOLD YA” that is just like the one from the film.

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