mackenzie davis

Yorkie and Kelly from “San Junipero”

Yorkie (MacKenzie Davis) and Kelly Booth (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) are the protagonists of “San Junipero,” an episode of the British sci-fi anthology, Black Mirror. The episode has been critically acclaimed and has won two Emmy awards. Set in the beach resort town of San Junipero, the plot centers around Yorkie and Kelly’s love story throughout the decades. Its twist reveals an elderly Yorkie on her deathbed, for the town is part of nostalgia therapy that involves simulated reality. When Kelly dies, she chooses to join Yorkie in San Junipero so they can be eternally happily together. This would make a great couples costume for fans of the show. For Kelly’s look, use hot glue or E6000 to adhere the rhinestones on the collar and all around the purple fringe jacket. Then attach the rhinestone patches to each shoulder. You can get a better look of her jacket here.

Grace from Terminator: Dark Fate

In Terminator: Dark Fate, a new timeline provides humanity with even more deadly terminators. In the year 2042, Grace (played by Mackenzie Davis) is mortally wounded during a battle with Rev-7 terminators developed by Legion. As a result, she volunteers to be artificially augmented and become a cyborg with superhuman strength and abilities. Grace arrives in the modern world naked and steals her clothing from a couple who finds her.

Mariette from Blade Runner 2049

Mariette from Blade Runner 2049

In Blade Runner 2049, Mariette (Mackenzie Davis) is a female Nexus-8 replicant who works as a prostitute. She catches the interest of Officer K one evening, and so his virtual companion Joi hires her to spend the night with K while Joi synchronizes herself to Mariette’s body. Turns out there’s more to Mariette.

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