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Tamaki Suoh from Ouran High School Host Club

Tamaki (voiced in Japanese by Mamoru Miyano and in English by Vic Mignogna) is one of the main characters in the anime/manga Ouran High School Host Club.

He is the president of the school’s host club, co-running it with Kyoya, with the rest of his friends working with them in various roles. Despite being rather a menace to Haruhi, they do end up working things out with each other.

Tamaki has light fluffy blonde hair and purpley blue eyes, due to being half-French. Like his classmates, he wears a white button-up shirt, a thin black tie with purple lined details, the school’s periwinkle jacket, black slacks, and black formal shoes. He is often seen with a rose as a prop while he is working as a host, due to being the overly charismatic one of the group.

Rin Matsuoka from Free! (Swimming Outfit)

Rin (voiced in Japanese by Mamoru Miyano and in English by Austin Tindle) is one of the main characters in the anime Free!

At the start of the series, he is a freestyle and butterfly swimmer in the Samezuka Academy swimming club, generally seen competing against the Iwatobi swim club, the majority of which are his old friends. At present, he is training professionally to become an Olympic swimmer.

Rin has wine red chin-length hair with matching eyes, and noticeably shark-like teeth. His swim uniform consists of his Samezuka Academy and tight, full leg black swim pants, with red line detailing.

Joker from Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus

Joker (voiced in Japanese by Mamoru Miyano and in English by Matthew Mercer) is one of the key characters in the Book of Circus arc in the anime/manga Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler.

He is the technical leader of the Noah’s Ark Circus, as well as a first-string member. While he is boisterous and showy during the performances, Joker is also very serious when it comes to the more gruesome tasks he is made to do.

Joker has blueish purple eyes highlighted with black eyeliner and a tealy blue teardrop drawn on. He has heavily stylized bleached bright orange hair that’s clipped back and braided (a note on the wig, every single Joker one I found had the purple section. I would advise either trying to bleach it yourself, if you are experienced, or try and trim it and add in the hair insert clips). His outfit is very showy, as the ringmaster, and has lots of thematic diamond theming tying in the vest and pants together. As with a few of the other members of the circus troupe, he has a missing limb, so while one of his hands is gloved, the other is a replacement skeletal arm.

Osamu Dazai from Bungo Stray Dogs

Osamu Dazai (voiced in Japanese by Mamoru Miyano and in English by Kaiji Tang) is one of the main characters in the anime/manga Bungo Stray Dogs.

Dazai used to be a member of the Port Mafia, partnered with Chuuya, until he defected and went to join the Armed Detective Agency, the opposing organization. He has the ability to nullify other’s powers, and this has been largely beneficial with keeping Chuuya’s god powers in check.

He has fluffy brown hair and similarly colored eyes. The outfit we usually see Dazai in is semi-formal, he wears a blueish-white button up shirt, a bolo tie, a blue undervest, a black vest over top, cream pants, brown shoes, a tan longcoat, and is wrapped in white bandages all over his torso and arms.

Chrollo Lucilfer’s York New Disguise from Hunter x Hunter

Chrollo (voiced in Japanese by Mamoru Miyano and in English by Robbie Daymond) is the founder and current leader of the Phantom Troupe is the anime/manga Hunter x Hunter.

The outfit I’ve chosen for this article is the disguise that he wears in the York New arc when he’s infiltrating to steal Neon Nostrade’s nen ability, though he does have several other outfits that will be featured in another article later on.

Chrollo has soft grey eyes, and while he usually wears his hair slicked back, for this outfit he wears it loose and down, with a greenish grey ribbon covering the cross tattoo he has on his forehead. He wears the bauble earrings that he usually has on for this, but the rest of it is a pretty standard suit jacket and pants over a white shirt, black tie, and black oxfords finishing off the look.

Light Yagami

Light Yagami is who you get when you take a sociopath and give him the ability to kill anyone just by writing their name in the Death Note book. Though he intends to rid the world of evil with his new powers, he soon becomes corrupted in his plan to become the god of the new world.

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