Maria from Mad Father

Maria is a major character in the 2012 RPGMaker pixel horror game, Mad Father.

She is the assistant to Aya’s father, as well as his lover, and works as the family’s maid. Aya isn’t close with her, and doesn’t like her very much, but Maria does try to keep her at least relatively safe for a good part of the game. This leads to Aya reconsidering their bond.

Maria has coppery-brown hair worn in thick braids and tied with light pink ribbons, bright green eyes, and she wears red lipstick. Her outfit as the family’s maid and Alfred’s assistant is nurse-like, with a white headpiece, a long sleeveless green dress, and a white, high collared under layered shirt with puffed sleeves. The type of shoes she has is unclear, due to the skirt length on the sprite.

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