Polly Pocket

Polly Pocket is a TV series based on the popular Mattel doll Polly, who has a magical locket that can shrink her and her friends down to a tiny size. In the show, Polly Pocket (voiced by Emily Tennant) is a young genius with loves to help people and has a thirst for adventure. Things work out when she inherits the magical locket from her grandmother Penelope Pocket.

Barbie from Toy Story

In Toy Story 3, Barbie is a pretty blonde doll who ends up being donated to Sunnyside Daycare with Andy’s toys, including Woody. There she meets Ken, who seems to be her the boy of her dreams. Barbie’s outfit is based on an 80s look, when aerobics, leg warmers, and bright fluorescent colors were in.

Pretty Hearts Barbie

Barbie stole our hearts as a child! This was our very first toy — Pretty Hearts Barbie (#14473). Though it was released in 1996, it had that classic 80s look.

Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer is a girl who goes on adventures with her talking purple backpack and anthropomorphic monkey named Boots. Sounds like quite the trip.