Medusa Gorgon from Soul Eater

Medusa (voiced in Japanese by Hōko Kuwashima and in English by Luci Christian) is one of the main antagonists in the anime/manga Soul Eater.

She is Crona’s estranged mother, and is a very uncaring and manipulative person. Medusa is a witch, and specializes in snake-based magic. For a short while, she posed as the DWMA’s school doctor in order to gather information about reviving the Kishin.

Medusa has golden, snake-like eyes, and blonde hair in a similar cut to Crona’s, though hers is worn much lower on the side pieces, which follow down into a braid worn over her chest. Her non-disguise outfit is a black one piece jumpsuit, with no sleeves, and short pants, and a hoodie with snake motifs on it. She also has snake ‘tattoos’ on her arms, which can be used in her magic, while fighting. Over the snakes, she wears a silver bangle bracelet, and her nails are done in a black and yellow arrow pattern.

Deuce Gorgon

Deuce Gorgon is a character from the Monster High franchise. He is a gorgon, specifically the son of Medusa. He is in a relationship with Cleo de Nile. He is the hottest boy at Monster High, known for his reliable, relaxed personality. While he’s not captaining the casketball team, Deuce enjoys cooking. With dolls, cartoons, and a live action movie, Deuce has many different styles. Therefore, our costume guide features a variety of pieces to assemble a unique outfit. Black and green are his main colors with pops of red. His style is skater punk with snake accents. For his shoulder scales, apply green face paint or eyeshadow using a mesh wig cap or fishnet tights as a stencil.



Medusa is a figure in Greek mythology and the most famous of the three Gorgons. Unlike her beastly sisters, she was a beautiful mortal. Poseidon, god of the seas, seduced her in Athena’s temple. Angered by this adultery in her place of worship, Athena transformed her into a vicious monster with snakes for hair. Other versions of the myth say Athena had been angered by her boastfulness. If you look into Medusa’s eyes, you will turn into stone. The Greek hero Perseus beheaded Medusa on his quest, and used her head against his enemies before gifting it to Athena. While the original myth antagonizes her, it has been rethought to feel sorry for Medusa as a victim of sexual assault and was unfairly punished. There have been numerous depictions of Medusa, so you can really get creative with your interpretation. We suggest a green color palette, scale makeup, and snake-themed jewelry.

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